Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for August 3rd thru 9th, 2015

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Should you gun the engines or ride the brake? Early this week, the answer is: Both. Swashbuckling Jupiter is spending its final full week in Leo, amping excitement levels to a fever pitch. But on Monday, the red-spotted planet slams into a restrictive square with party pooper Saturn, checking our wild vibes considerably. While Jupiter in Leo gives us swagger and makes us prone to shameless PDA, Saturn is in mysterious Scorpio, warning us to keep our cards closer to our vests…and to keep said vests buttoned up unless we’re behind closed doors. The key to navigating squares is to find a proper balance point. Don’t hide your entire hand or tone down desire completely. But DO be discerning about when you reveal all that lusty Leo energy—and to whom. And hey, slowing down isn’t such a bad thing. Saturn can help us put a smarter plan in place for all our creative and romantic notions. Good things come to those who wait!


Taming our passions won’t be easy on Tuesday when bold Jupiter makes the second of three 2015 connections to love planet Venus. The first one happened on July 1 while Venus was in direct motion. Now, Venus is retrograde, forcing us to retract some steps and look to the past for our romantic fix. What heated up in early July could cool a bit; or, we may need to put a little more structure into these relationships so we know where we actually stand. This cosmic duet still sings a sweet, soulful song. Tuesday may bring the perfect opportunity for a nostalgic day trip or the courage to send a text to “the one that got away.” But heed the warning label: Fools rush in. There’s a tendency to give too much, too soon with Jupiter in the frame. Nevertheless, for those timid types who’ve been sitting on a romantic desire for too long, carpe diem! Tuesday’s window of opportunity can heat up a stalled attraction at last. With Jupiter dousing us with truth serum, this week could bring some seriously soul-baring moments. Quarreling couples could have a long overdue dialogue about the future of their relationship. Breaking up might seem easiest, but with Venus retrograde this should only be considered as a last resort. Use the candid, diplomatic vibes of this pairing to dig deeper into your divide. An emergency couple’s therapy session could save you from demise!


On Friday, messenger Mercury brings some sense and sensibility back to the world when he wings into Virgo until August 27. Shooting from the hip or racing ahead without a plan won’t be very appealing during this cycle. In Virgo, social Mercury prefers simplicity to drama. Having a few dependable allies is now better than being everyone’s superficial BFF.  Bring on the practical magic! Now’s the time to get those DIY projects underway or to tackle a self-improvement mission with Virgoan discipline.

But there’s never a dull moment this August—nor a lack of cosmic contradictions. On Saturday, lusty, action-oriented Mars moves into Leo until September 24, firing up the dramatic, passionate vibes all over again. While Jupiter will leave Leo and move into Virgo for a year-plus next Tuesday, August 11, Mars will ensure that the lion’s legacy lingers on. Where DO we need to be bigger, louder and prouder about our talents and accomplishments? While Mars in Leo can bring some epic ego trips, it can also boost our confidence in fun and healthy ways. Dazzling people is fun with Mars here as long as we’re willing to share the spotlight. This will be a juicy time for artists, actors, performers and presenters. If you thought you could never be royal, guess again: Mars in Leo might point out the very corner where you were born to reign!

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