Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 16th – 22nd, 2013

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Tag team time! This Tuesday, December 17 marks the annual full moon in Gemini, a day meant for “twinning up” if ever there were. Take a breather from those independent ventures and adopt the buddy system. Forget what you heard about opposites attracting though. Linking up with kindred spirits is the way to go this week. Gemini is the zodiac’s communicator making this a smart week for blasting the world with your message. Remember that brevity is the soul of wit. Short and sweet (140 characters, perhaps?) will do the trick.
Also on Tuesday, we’ll feel the electrifying ripples of the planet Uranus, which rouses from a five-month retrograde. Since July 17, the cosmic revolutionary has been napping in Aries, making it hard for many of us to find our rebellious mojo. Retrograde Uranus did, however, create more internal wake-up calls. Needless to say, this has not been the easiest for many of us. With warrior Aries in the mix, we may have felt like we were fighting against our own instincts: the war of the human animal versus the human spirit! It would probably be wise to forgive ourselves for slippery judgment calls and, er, transgressions. Some risks, as we’ve learned, just won’t be worth taking again. Uranus governs innovation, humanitarian works and technology. Any behind the scenes developments we’ve done in these arenas are ready for a public push now. Shop around that app, organize a benefit concert, learn effective strategies for social media. The community spirit is alive and kicking again as Uranus in Aries sends a “Power to the people” shout out.
On Saturday, the Sun bids adieu to fireball Sagittarius and hunkers down in hardworking, traditional Capricorn until January 19. While taking a holiday break is part of the productivity cycle, our ambitious natures will be piqued during this four-week solar cycle. Hey, who’s to say a business brainchild can’t be born while rocking around the Christmas tree, chilling on a white sand beach, or dancing under a rainshower of confetti on New Year’s Eve? Capricorn loves old friends and family giving us all the incentive to make like a Tommy Hilfiger ad and reunite with our coziest crews (preppy cable-knit sweaters optional).
Also on Saturday, love planet Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn until January 31, 2014. Tradition, tradition? Hmm. Some of our best laid plans could be in need of adjustment. Although Capricorn loves a good ten-year plan, retrograde Venus reminds us that relationships aren’t all about goals and milestones. Enjoying the moment is equally as important, and this monthlong backspin helps us rein it in a bit. The monogrammed towels and china pattern selection can wait. Couples may struggle to align their individual quests with the needs of the relationship. Some tough compromises will be in store, and we’ll need to set aside those “what will the neighbors think?” worries in order to do what’s right for us.

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