Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 22nd thru 28th, 2014

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Simply having a wonderful Christmastime?  The bells are jingling with Wednesday and Thursday marking a major celebration for many of us — or at least some much-needed time off! Christmas Eve’s starmap is social, offbeat and energetic. With both the moon and Mars in people-loving Aquarius, this won’t be a silent night by any means. Put an extra cushion or five under the tree. The community spirit will be going strong, and the wacky Aquarius energy will bring humor and laughter to the celebrations. Invite guests to wear their ugliest Christmas sweaters, take tons of photo-booth style selfies, put together a retro playlist that will get every generation on their feet for at least a couple of songs. Mars CAN add stress to the equation, so curate the guest list wisely. This would NOT be the best year to invite a wild card neighbor or difficult relative to wreck the Christmas tree instead of rocking around it. Thursday, Christmas Day, will bring a rare merger between expressive Mercury and intimate Pluto. Both planets are parked at the same degree of Capricorn — the most traditional sign of them all. Whether celebrating Christmas or not, gathering with family or your closest crew is a must. This is a day for sharing secrets and deep, soulful bonding. 

While you’re in “joy to the world” mode, raise your hand if you’re ready for a more honest, inclusive planet Earth? This Tuesday, December 23, structured Saturn changes signs, heading into Sagittarius, the sign of globalism, education, and cross-cultural relationships for three whole years. The ringed taskmaster planet will be parked here until December 19, 2017 resetting the dials of the cultural landscape once again. Since October 6, 2012, Saturn was stirring the pot in Scorpio, the sign that governs sexuality and matters of life-and-death intensity. Saturn in Scorpio has NOT been a light and fluffy phase for the world (ISIS, Ebola, police brutality? Eek!) We’ve charted the political landscape of Saturn in Scorpio here (, a fascinating timeline of developments indeed. Saturn will have one final hurrah in Scorpio in 2015 — from June 14 until September 17 — then move into Sagittarius permanently until December 2017.

Although Saturn gets a bad rap, it can also be a solid ally. Like an unyielding drill sergeant or celebrity personal trainer, Saturn’s lessons can make us stronger, faster, and built to last. The tough part? Saturn requires us to be honest about our weak spots and tackle them head on. Since it’s human nature to want to appear like we have it all together, resisting the messy (and humbling) part of the process is why Saturn’s teachings can feel so harsh.


With Saturn heading into candid Sagittarius, it’s time to speak our truth — even if that means sticking our necks out and risking unfavorable responses. With Saturn’s internal voyage through Scorpio for the past two years, we’ve all done our share of soul searching. In candid Sagittarius, Saturn helps us vocalize all those deep thoughts. We will also learn some big lessons about listening — often a missing link in the communication equation. Cautious Saturn may tame our outspokenness too so that we can hear other people’s ideas instead of aggressively asserting our own.

Saturn in Sagittarius will upgrade the industries it governs: publishing, education, global trade.  As self-publishing tools become more ubiquitous and user-friendly, the bigger print houses may have to change their practices to woo authors, perhaps giving them more of a cut of the sales. With major bookstores downsizing, libraries and independent chains could have a second coming, or we may pluck our favorite print titles from hybrid stores: books at the wine bar, anyone? We predict some major changes to the public school system and university tuition structures so that more people have access to great education. Sagittarius is a fire sign and some hotheaded leaders could step onto the world stage. We’ll have to be careful not to fall for the impassioned and charismatic demagogues for the coming three years. New nations could rise up as forces to be reckoned with — but Saturn may also insist upon stricter regulations for commerce so that the International Billionaires Club doesn’t keep pricing locals out of their own homes and contracts. Entrepreneurial Saturn in Sagittarius can pave the way for independent contractors and business owners to establish themselves as forces to be reckoned with. Cross-cultural relations will continue to evolve as a hot topic in the media with Saturn calling for new policies and practices that make this world safe for all.

This December, Tali celebrated her birthday on the West Coast “in the key of life” at rare concert with our all-time favorite musical icon Stevie Wonder. He performed one of our most-listened to albums, (Songs In The Key Of Life). That record was in steady rotation for us while we worked on projects back in our art school days at The University Of Michigan. We know the words to every song and yes, we proudly own it in vinyl. Stevie is an astrology lover and joked about being a Taurus a couple times on stage. Leave it to him to write the ultimate anthem of hope for this cosmic phase, simply titled “Saturn.” Enjoy!

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