Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 29th thru January 4th, 2015

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Thinking about showing up to New Year’s Eve with an el cheapo bottle of Brut tucked under your duster? Perish the thought! This Wednesday, December 31, a decadent Taurus moon rules the skies so you’d better reach on up to a higher shelf for that bubbly (vintage Veuve, anyone?) A luxe celebration doesn’t have to break the bank. Just keep it classy. Dress in elegant clothes or colorful costumes, plate some artisanal cheese and crackers for your pre-party festivities, and roll about town with friends who know how to make the moment feel magical. Warning: A jolt from Jupiter in Leo could bring a little drama to the NYE celebrations. Keep the crazymakers off the guest list. If they want to swing from the chandeliers, it’s not your job to play babysitter! And if you’re the one most often guilty of party fouls, check that troublemaking streak (and limit the number of flutes you lift to your lips) so you don’t spoil the end of 2014 for your entourage.


On New Year’s Day, resolutions will come fast and furious. Thrillseeking Mars in Aquarius and adventurous Jupiter in Leo will sit directly across from each other on the starmap. Their directive: dream bigger. How will our 2015 plans impact society and the world at large (Aquarius)? And, could we add a little more sizzle, sparkle and sex appeal (Leo)? It’s time to cast a wider net and to cast ourselves in a more luminous role as the new year begins.


Venus, planet of amour, changes signs on Saturday and heads into Aquarius until January 27.  It’s time for “one love” to rule as we summon the spirit of Water Bearer Bob Marley. Dismantle those cliques and portmanteaus — the more really is the merrier now.  Looking for love? Wink or right-swipe and ye shall find. Aquarius is the governor of technology and the Tinderscape and online dating scene may be ablaze with fresh options.  On Sunday, bring on the group hugs! The annual full moon in Cancer shines its nurturing beams on the planet. Family matters could find resolution under this lunar light. There could be a few emotional surprises too as the full moon will oppose secret-bearer Pluto in Capricorn. Be prepared to hear anything — and to free a few skeletons from the vault yourself — before the weekend is through.

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