Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 30th thru January 5th, 2014

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The cosmic countdown to 2014 is on! Raise your hand if 2013 was an intense, emotional, and unpredictable year. With squares between Pluto and Uranus, and so many planets in water signs (lots in Scorpio) we’ve taken roller coaster rides, been pushed and pulled to extremes, and are all oh-so-ready for a long, winter’s nap. While the year ahead will still have its share of intensity, our systems have caught on to smarter ways of dealing. Turns out we can’t ignore our feelings, even with the bleeping, blinging distractions of our digital devices. And that’s a good thing! You can find out everything that 2014 holds for your sign in our annual forecasts.
This week of December 30 through January 5 begins with a lively Sagittarius moon. With the big-eyed Archer at the helm, it would be easy to inflate our NYE plans beyond a wise capacity. Rein it in, people! On Tuesday the 31st, the moon slips into Capricorn mid-day, advising us to streamline our ambitious celebrations and really make them count. Seriously, one really rocking party will probably do the trick! Black tie affairs get a thumbs up and with business-minded Cap at the helm we might all do our fair share of networking at these shindigs. It doesn’t hurt that the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto are all in Capricorn too! Bring a few business cards.


New Year’s Day couldn’t be more perfectly timed for setting resolutions. The annual new moon in Capricorn pops off like a champagne cork on January 1st, a great day for planting seeds indeed. Goals! Goals! Goals! Capricorn is all about them so make a wish list, a vision board or a master plan when that party cloud evaporates. This new moon falls at 10 degrees, in exact alignment to powerful, probing Pluto. (Incidentally, the number 10 corresponds with the Wheel Of Fortune card in the tarot—a bonus bit of cha-ching energy for us all.) Some secret ambitions may be unleashed with this moon-Pluto meetup; or we’ll get glimpses of an even higher mission. Caution: Some of us may have to keep our “by any means necessary” streaks in check. Competitive is one thing but going the cutthroat route is never advised.
This weekend Jupiter will directly oppose Mercury and the Sun. Open mouth, insert Manolo? Jupiter’s got swagger but in this cosmic dance we could find ourselves exaggerating the truth or overestimating the capacity of what we can handle. Jupiter is in nest-y, family-friendly Cancer while the Sun and Mercury are in career-obsessed Capricorn. Use this planetary PSA as a reminder to stay balanced. Gaining the world and forfeiting your soul, your family time, or your need to have fun is not worth the price.

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