Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for December 8th thru 14th, 2014

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Two steps forward, one step back? This Monday, December 8, progress-loving Jupiter slips into a low power retrograde for four months. Between now and April 8, it’s essential to look before we leap. In forward motion, Jupiter sharpens our gambling instincts. While driving in reverse, however, we simply cannot rely on impulses or luck alone. Just because something “feels right,” doesn’t mean it’s okay to dive in without running the background checks and doing adequate research. That’s the lesson of Jupiter retrograde: trust your gut but get the facts before you react.


Jupiter’s retrograde also takes place in Leo, the showiest sign of them all. While we would all love to be as famous as Kim Kardashian’s #breaktheinternet derriere, forgetting the difference between fame and notoriety could make us look like, ahem, giant asses in the public eye. (Sorry, just couldn’t help ourselves.) Better we should hold off on the photo shoot or launch party to ensure that we are prepared with something substantial when all that attention comes our way.

Jupiter in Leo has also been accelerating romantic progress for many of us since this past July 16. But Cupid’s plans could hit a speedbump with Jupiter in reverse, forcing us to slow down and make sure we REALLY want to be in “happily ever after” mode with the people sharing our beds.  If wedding plans stall with the red-spotted planet in reverse, don’t have a panic attack. Jupiter will remain in Leo until August 11, 2015 (it’s been there since last July 16) so this may just be a moment to fine-tune the master plan and even squeeze in an eye-opening session with the couples’ counselor.


Venus steps in with some rescue remedy on Wednesday the 10th when she decamps to goal-oriented Capricorn until January 3. Mistletoe moments aside, this Venus phase wants a kiss to be more than “just a kiss.” Focusing on our long-range romantic goals could consume our thoughts over the holiday season. Venus in Capricorn helps couples align their visions for the future. Don’t be afraid to broach that five or ten year plan, even share bucket lists. Some people might discover a dealbreaker through this process. Uh-oh. If one person wants the white picket fence dream while the other wants to travel the world indefinitely, cool-headed Venus in Capricorn can help mismatched lovers part as friends.

On Saturday, the quarter moon in Virgo sounds the call for efficiency. Spend time over the weekend cleaning, sorting and organizing. Health-nut Virgo can lend some nourishing ideas to holiday menu plans too. Who says every dish needs to be made with a stick of butter and a pound of sugar? Or that winter weather means hibernating on the couch? This quarter moon could have us refining our go-to recipes with a green twist, scoring a ski pass or simply squeezing in more warming workouts to our weekly schedules.

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