Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 10th thru 16th, 2014

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Keep on trekking down Memory Lane, but get ready for a re-route. Messenger Mercury, which is in retrograde from February 6-28, switches signs this Wednesday the 12th, scooting back from dreamy Pisces into team-oriented, technophile Aquarius. We’ll all experience a shift from this, as the focus of Mercury’s backspin will be on a different area of our lives (read your individual ‘scope for the details). Aquarius is the sign of groups and collaborations, making the rest of February a fine time for reconnecting with friends from back in the day. While it might not be time to officially get the band back together and plan a reunion tour, a few friendly jam sessions will be sentimental—and will also remind us all of how much we’ve grown. Mercury retrogrades are notorious for scrambling signals with digital devices. With the planet regressing through geeky Aquarius, we might feel a double-whammy effect. Back up your data, password-protect your files, even put security-monitoring software on your laptop (which Tali is hoping will help her recover a computer that was stolen the last time Mercury was in reverse!). And if you’re going to buy a PC or tablet, make sure it comes with a great warranty. Entrepreneurs, if you were planning to launch an e-venture before February 28, you might reschedule for early March, when Mercury is direct—a far more auspicious time for such things.


Valentine’s Day is Friday and couldn’t come with a brighter forecast! Cupid will be ushered in on the wings of love, thanks to a full moon in passionate, romantic Leo. Big, bold, and downright theatrical expressions of amour are just what the Love Doctor ordered this year. Serenaders, skywriters, fans of singing telegrams: don’t be afraid to make a little scene. A blushing date will not be an unhappy date. One caveat: la luna will be forming a square (90 degree angle) to stern Saturn in Scorpio. Privacy, mystery, and intimacy are what Saturn craves, which can be a bit of a buzzkill for all the over-the-top Leo energy. Heed the cries of “Get a room!” if your PDA starts getting out of hand. And think: perhaps it’s best to stage your dramatic plan behind closed doors instead on the Jumbotron, especially if this involves any excess naughtiness or near-nudity. The whole world doesn’t need to see your latest Victoria’s Secret haul or the moves you mastered in your cardio pole-dancing workshop, not with Saturn in the mix.

Headed for Hollywood? The full moon in Leo makes us all feel like the stars of our own reality shows. And like Jersey Housewife Melissa Gorga (a fire sign like this full moon) it’s time to put our talents “on display, on display, on display.” Remember that Mercury is retrograde so make sure that every i has been dotted and t crossed so you read as a class act instead of a carnie show. Ta-da!


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