Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 16th thru 22nd, 2015

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Make a wish! This Wednesday, February 18, brings a new moon in idealistic Aquarius, the sign of hopes and dreams. This is a special new moon because it is the second in a row to land in the Water Bearer’s domain. The first was on January 20, so this one is a bit like a sequel or second act.  And thank goodness for that! On January 21, the day after the first Aquarius new moon, Mercury turned retrograde for three weeks. This short-circuited many of our lunar launches in January, but it didn’t ground them for good. Try, try again this Wednesday and re-set that BIG intention. Since Aquarius rules community, this is an ideal week to connect to our tribes or to seek kindred spirits. There’s no need to go it alone; in fact, finding collaborators could be the key to success. Tap into technology, too — also Aquarius’ jurisdiction. There’s an app for everything nowadays, so why not use those lifehacks to make our missions run smoothly?
On Wednesday, the Sun changes signs, leaving Aquarius and moving on to Pisces until March 20. The world is a more soulful and compassionate place when the dreamy Fish rules the skies this time each year. Pisces energy can be boundless in so many ways — and not all for the better. This sign also governs addiction and codependence, reminding us that there really CAN be too much of a good thing. Fascinatingly, the Catholic period of lent always falls during Pisces season (it begins this Wednesday). The idea of making a sacrifice in order to achieve something greater is a higher expression of Pisces energy. Whatever your spiritual beliefs, it would be wiser to turn away from those vices now — and even give one up — instead of tumbling down the tempting rabbit hole. Escape into the arts instead! Music, film and dance are all the domain of Pisces.

Mars and Venus will swap signs this week too, both heading into fiery, passionate Aries. They’ve been traveling together in Pisces all month bringing out the hopeless romantics in us all.  But on February 19, Mars moves to the Ram’s realm until March 31. Venus follows suit on the 20th, getting busy in Aries until March 17. Uh, is it getting hot in here? Spring fever strikes a month ahead of time in 2015. This passionate planetary pairing will make us all a lot friskier than we’ve been for a while — especially this weekend, when the two planets meet at the same degree of Aries. Scorching! This erotic resuscitation can make us restless and a little reckless too. Staying committed won’t be the easiest — not if there isn’t adequate adventure involved. Couples would be wise to break out of the “lather, rinse, repeat” bubble. Variety — and physical activity — is the most essential spice to keep in the arsenal. Viva la difference!


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