Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 17th thru 23rd, 2014

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Calling all mermaids, mystics, musicians, and magicians. Oh, and the people who love them. This Tuesday, February 18, the Sun begins its enchanted voyage through Pisces, the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac. Between now and March 20, the dreamy, healing Fish will govern the skies, amping up our imaginative powers and dropping a gauzy lens over our views of the world. Life is but a dream during this fantasy-fueled four-week phase. So much so that we must take extra care not to gloss over the red flags or sweep unsavory issues under the rug. Pisces is actually symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions. One is pointing us upwards, to our visionary selves; the other sends us down into the murky waters of our own shadows. This solar-powered month can bring deep healing for many people, but we have to be willing to dive into the choppy seas of our psyches. Pisces loves the highs and the lows and we might feel like we’re surfing between extremes. Remember that beauty often emerges from the underground too: just visualize Pisces Michelangelo painting the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Kurt Cobain pioneering the grunge movement in Seattle, or Pisces Alexander McQueen’s legendary skull-embellished collections.

Our renegade spirits will be in full effect all week, thanks to free-spirited Jupiter and revolutionary Uranus. The trouble is, the two planets are squaring each other (forming a 90 degree angle) and their “Viva La Revolucion” signals could get a bit crossed. Jupiter is in family-friendly Cancer while Uranus is touring “me first!”  Aries. We’re ready to gamble and take big risks but could easily underestimate the effects that our actions will have on the people closest to us. Rash and outright selfish moves could cause wreak havoc on our home lives too. On a positive note, this cosmic coupling can help us untangle some difficult family dynamics. Throw away the Nick-At-Nite playbook. This Jupiter-Uranus duo reminds us that families come in many forms and that we get to make the rules. This is a week where we’ll actually revel in feeling different, reinventing the rules, and thumbing our noses at convention. What will the neighbors think? Frankly Scarlett, we don’t give a damn. All we know is that the results will be pretty darn unpredictable.

On Sunday, the Sun and dreamy Neptune sync up at 4 degrees Pisces, a meet n’ greet that happens once a year. As enchanting as this day will be, nothing should be taken at face value. People will show their ideal selves today, and life will have a fantasy-fueled quality. Try not to make any promises on Sunday or believe anyone else’s at his word alone. While the desire to be helpful, charming, and supportive may be there, good intentions can pave the road to hell for us. We might simply not have time to make good on these wishes when we wake up next week. Be in the moment instead of setting up expectations about the future. Otherwise important relationships could suffer from the weight of guilt, obligation and disappointment. Rather than planning the future, make love, art, and music…or tap into Neptune’s charitable side and make the world a better place this weekend with some acts of service.

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