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Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 23rd thru March 1st, 2015

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Come on baby, light my fire? Sure, as long as the blazes are kept under control. With Mars and Venus pair bonding in Aries until March 17, we’re all feeling rather impetuous about love. But early this week, the Mars-Venus duo will form a flowing trine (60 degree angle) with sensible Saturn in Sagittarius. Heed the warning label and hold back a little. Allow romance to build at a measured pace. That way, no one will wind up feeling pressured — or trapped in a bad romance. Feeling distant from the one you love, or like your relationship has slipped into a rut? You may actually need to plan the fun stuff instead of expecting it to “just happen.” Structure supports spontaneity. And that’s why there’s nothing lame about earmarking a regular date night, booking a vacation well in advance of the date, or picking up actual tickets long before the night of the show. As Saturn trines Mars and Venus there could be a few breakdowns, especially as relationships hit a growth spurt. You may realize that you’re doing too much too soon or not spelling out the support that you need from your sweetie. Saturn sounds the call for clarity, not clairvoyance.

On Wednesday, February 25, the brilliant Sun makes an exact connection to ethereal Neptune — a bizarre mashup that takes place once annually. This year (and until 2026) they’ll pair up in dreamy Pisces, the sign that governs our soul urges. But the effect is a bit like shining a light into fog. For a few days, it will be hard to see anything except what’s directly in front of us. But hey, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. We often spend so much time worrying about the future that we miss the richness of the present moment. Take a midweek time out from future-tripping or plotting your ten-year life strategy. Instead of wondering, “What am I supposed to do with my entire life?” figure out, “What would inspire me NEXT?” Turn inward for answers instead of looking for external gratification. The sixth sense (or third eye) will be especially activated with psychic Neptune being lit by the Sun. But some digging will be required too. Journal, meditate, listen to music in the dark.  The Sun-Neptune merger wants us scuba diving into the depths of our souls to find hidden treasures — and maybe to do a little tidying up while we’re at it.

On Sunday, messenger Mercury sits directly opposite broad-minded Jupiter. Move over Socrates and Sartre — our philosophical natures will be piqued, making this an excellent time to mull over bigger questions and concepts. The truth, however, could feel like a moving target. We shouldn’t take anything at face value or rush to follow the lead of a charismatic personality. Feeling sequestered in the same old scene? Break out of those bounds! The risks we take to stretch ourselves socially could bring a bevy of BFFs before the weekend is through.


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