Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 24th thru March 2nd, 2014

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The Retrograde Brigade has arrived! This week, messenger Mercury will end its four-week backspin while lusty Mars and stern Saturn both start their retreats. The word “retrograde” has been known to strike fear in the hearts of astrology buffs but to this we say, relax. Although a planet’s “reversal” can cause slowdowns and scramble signals, these are also times for refining, reassessing and reconnecting. Reviewing before we barrel ahead isn’t such a bad idea, right?

On Friday Mercury, the planet of communication, transportation and thought processes will shift back into forward motion. Mercury has been retrograde since February 6, beginning its retreat in Pisces then slipping back into Aquarius on February 12. Struggles with technology and teamwork were exacerbated this month. Many of us had to learn to communicate clearly with our cohorts and invest in new equipment when the old pieces broke down. If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to become an official member of a group or upgrade to a faster laptop, install software, or otherwise geek out, you’re almost in the clear. Although Mercury turns direct on Friday, wait a few days for its “shadow” to dissipate then fill out the paperwork or head to the Apple or Microsoft store.

On Saturday, motivator Mars makes its U-Turn, retrograding through Libra until May 19. Normally, the red planet lingers in each zodiac sign for seven weeks, but during a retrograde year (every other year), it will stay put for seven or eight months. That’s the case now as Mars is hunkered down in Libra from December 7, 2013 until this coming July 25. Partnerships are Libra’s passion and with red-hot Mars in the mix, some of our dynamic duos could have heated up a little too quickly. Lust or love? It’s been hard to tell in 2014, so this retrograde will give us a chance to tap the brakes and figure out if we really want to sign those binding agreements, slip between the sheets, or walk down the aisle with the people who’ve stormed into our lives this year. Warning: there may be a tendency to be too agreeable or complicit between now and May 19. Mars is the warrior planet, Libra the peacemaker. Conflict can be healing if dealt with compassionately—try not to forget that now or resentment could boil.

On Sunday, it’s tough teacher Saturn who is shifting into reverse, moving backwards through Scorpio until July 20. This is an annual affair—each year, Saturn spends approximately five months in retrograde. As the planet that governs sound structures and long-lasting goals, we may have to re-fortify our foundations now. Resources may be available but to avoid a Sochi-like fiasco, we must think carefully about where we allocate them and make sure the behind-the-scenes of our lives is as polished as the front-of-the-house production. There’s a new moon this week too!

On Saturday, dreamy Pisces sets the lunar tone for us all, opening up a six-month window of creativity, fantasy and healing. Passion projects started on Saturday will have the muse as their champion. This is a great day to begin working with a therapist, healer, or mentor too, as Pisces governs the “earth angels” among us. Spend time tuning in to your subconscious mind. Freewrite in your journal, meditate, make a vision board—those subconscious clues and cues will be sending powerful messages our way on Sunday and should not be missed!

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