Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 2nd thru 8th, 2015

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Make room, Queen B, Princess Kate, Wills and Harry, too! We’ll all feel like royals, thanks to the full moon in eminent Leo this Tuesday, February 3. If we’ve earned our rightful place on the throne, it’s time to step up and wear the crown. Leaders wanted! The noble, lionhearted energy of this full moon could call us into courageous action in our families, relationships and communities. The race to the top could get rather competitive though — especially since the full moon arrives at a close degree to Jupiter in Leo. The red-spotted planet is retrograde until April 8, which means some old rivalries could be stirred up. We may even see some power struggles play out on the world stage. Here’s hoping our global leaders continue to link arms in solidarity as they did in Paris this January!


Life could feel like a nonstop talent show with this theatrical lunar energy lighting up the skies. Please, don’t hold back! Heck, take it to Cirque du Soleil extremes if you so desire. Untamed self-expression is fully sanctioned by the full moon-Jupiter combo platter. Err on the side of TMI rather than receding into the wallpaper. Turn every day into a costume party and have fun with fashion. People may point and stare, but that’s half the fun of being a trendsetter.

And yes, there will be drama. With every emotion heightened to a fever pitch, we’ll have to keep the soap opera tendencies down to a respectable level. Feelings could easily be confused with facts this week, and no one will be in the mood to back down from his righteous stance. It doesn’t help matters much that Mercury is in retrograde for its final full week. We’ll endure the messenger planet’s signal-scrambling influence until it corrects its course this February 11. Steer clear of hot-button topics unless you can address them from an open-minded, solution-oriented perspective. It’s all too easy to stoke the firepit of anger and cause destruction to relationships this week.


On the upside, Cupid will make an early arrival for many of us in 2015, as sweet, sweet love is one of the Leo full moon’s favorite things. With tell-it-like-it-is Jupiter in the picture, candid confessions could come pouring out. Without risk, there can be no reward! Lift the mask and let your feelings be known. Don’t forget the most important form of amour: self-love. Until we can accept and embrace ourselves, it will be difficult (if not impossible) to truly let another into our hearts. Self-loathing is the ego’s game, a protective measure designed to keep us “safe” and at a distance from others. It is truly an act of defiance to love oneself, especially if we don’t fall into the narrow standards that society holds! Summon the spirit of bawdy Leos Jennifer Lawrence and also Mae West who quipped, “It is better to be looked over than overlooked.” Or heck, borrow lioness Madonna’s #unapologeticbitch hashtag for the week!

On Friday, the Sun will sit directly opposite Jupiter in the horoscope wheel making us all feel like we can take on the world. The trouble is, we might commit to more than we can honestly handle. Don’t let enthusiasm trump good sense. “Let me get back to you on that!” would be a far smarter answer than a knee-jerk “Yes!” or even a firm “No.” This opposition may force us to expand out of our comfort zones, which can provoke a sense of fear. But refusing an intriguing offer simply because we’re not sure we can pull it off is not the answer either. If it’s time to liberate ourselves from a confining situation, Friday’s starmap illuminates a savvy exit strategy. Move swiftly and confidently into that goodnight.

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