Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for February 3rd thru 9th, 2014

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Is that a rebel yell we hear? The week is off to a wild start as the moon and unconventional Uranus sync up in Aries this Monday, February 3. People will be unfurling their freak flags left and right as this cosmic combo sounds the call for liberation and quirky self-expression. The emo moon and intellectual Uranus aren’t on the same page by nature though. In its perfect state, this union allows us to join heart and head, and speak rationally about our feelings. There could definitely be some emotional turmoil though, especially if we wander too far down the renegade route or forget to consider other people in our daredevil plans. Easy does it! The moon governs the feminine and its dance with Uranus could bring unexpected news from a woman in our world. We might even have to tell a lady we love to slowwwww it down, sister.




Back up those computers and double-check those digital devices. The first Mercury retrograde of 2014 begins on February 6 and lasts until the 28th. The messenger planet goes into “reverse” 3-4 times each year, scrambling signals and causing some breakdowns with communication, scheduling, transportation and mobile devices. From February 6-12, Mercury will backstroke through the cloudy waters of Pisces, before retreating into Aquarius until the 28th. The first six days of the backspin should be devoted to reviewing, repairing and restoring Piscean matters (more on Mercury in Aquarius next week). Pisces is a water sign so make sure you turn off those faucets, caulk those tubs, and replace the filters on your drinking supply if need be. Forgiveness and healing are this sign’s domain. No more stalling on those overdue amends. Extend the olive branch if you owe someone an apology. They might not respond for a while, but you’ll know that you opened the door to reparations. Mercury in Pisces can shine a light on codependence and reveal where we may need to let go. Perhaps  it’s time to put up boundaries, stop enabling a loved one’s bad behavior or bolt the door on a toxic relationship. People from the past have a habit of popping back into our lives while Mercury’s in reverse. Some reunions will be heartwarming, but be discerning about who you let back in the door. People’s true motives may be obscured with elusive Pisces in the mix. This is a great time to return to a healer, mentor, or spiritual guide who helped you in the past.

For more on skillfully managing your way through a Mercury retrograde, read our survival guide here:

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