Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 12th thru 18th, 2015

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Dive into the emotion ocean — and bring the scuba gear. This Monday, January 12, thrillseeker Mars changes signs, moving into watery Pisces until February 19. We’re not going to lie: this cosmic phase could get awkward! Mars is a firebrand, brash and swashbuckling. Pisces is soulful and sensitive, more likely to sweep a conflict under the rug than break into combat like aggressive Mars. Still, this five-week journey could rouse the peaceful warriors within us all. Translation: Lead with love and heart but don’t give up your stance. All hail the muse! Mars in Pisces will awaken our inner creatives and give us the drive to actually finish a poem, painting or song instead of just strumming a few chords on the guitar. Art will be the ultimate catharsis: who cares if we produce a masterpiece or not? This would be a fabulous time to dive into Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way if you need a guide for the journey. Mars in Pisces can help us break free from self-imposed restrictions and tap into a deep well of emotion we didn’t even know existed.  There’s a lot simmering in our subconscious minds that we never pay attention to. But we won’t access it by meditating on a mountaintop now. Physical movement (Mars’ specialty) can unblock us, especially Piscean activities like swimming and dancing. The alternative might not be pretty: the stress of Mars can stir up addictive tendencies. Rather than reaching for a vodka tonic, listen/watch this anthem to escapism called Hell Hotline by New York duo Tempers. So very Mars in Pisces indeed!


On Thursday, Mars gets a stern warning from Saturn in Sagittarius. Are we operating from delusion or truth? If we are glamorizing or trying to paint sunshine over storm clouds, things could get ugly. Saturn in Sagittarius forces an inspection. If the certificate of authenticity is not legit, don’t slap on a fake label! Get real about where there’s room for improvement and do what it takes to bring the project, relationship, or plan up to snuff.


Tuesday’s quarter moon in Libra brings its balancing beams to our most important relationships. Check the flow of give and take, no matter which side of the equation you land on. If we are overly generous we could heap pressure onto the other person and cause them to get overwhelmed and back away. Give the takers a wake-up call, or simply stop and give them a chance to catch up. Of course, we may have been a little too generous with people, creating pressure in the relationship. Allow equilibrium to return — and remember, that sometimes we need to spell it out for people since they don’t always know what we want or need in return.

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