Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 13th thru 19th, 2014

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How high is your EQ (emotional IQ)? The wisdom of our hearts will be strong this week, thanks to a full moon in Cancer on Wednesday, January 15. No brushing aside our emotions or sweeping our needs under the rug. Cancer is all about comfort, nurturing, and warm hugs and we should enjoy these liberally now. Family and close friends are the centerpiece of our social lives with this full moon. Draw a tighter boundary around your inner circle! Saturn in Scorpio, which is harmoniously angling la luna, has this full moon’s back, helping us be proactive about our desires to bond. Get a family vacation booked, set up ground rules around the house for cooperative coexistence, make Sunday night potlucks a tradition with your crew. The intimate communion of the moon and Saturn will draw many of us closer than we ever believed was possible. Awww.


There are some choppy waves on the Sea of Love, nevertheless. Mars and Venus, the cosmic couple of the heavens, are locked into a tense square (90 degree angle) all week. Rather than blowing each other kisses, these two planets will be throwing shade and provoking quarrels. It’s official: we are now forced us to reckon with the unspoken tension in our love lives. We may attract forceful people (Mars) or needy ones (Venus) and feel stuck in an uncomfortable power dynamic. Passion could be short-circuited by frustration; or we may become aware of the glaring differences in our partnerships. Newsflash: you don’t have to be a doppelganger to be a soulmate. And it’s not your job to work through your sweetie’s childhood issues either. This square sends us a reminder that absence can actually make the heart grow fonder. Rather than investing in monogrammed towel sets or matching sweaters, go pursue separate interests and watch the embers blaze.

On Sunday, there’s a new solar-powered phase to enjoy. The Sun leaves ambitious Capricorn—where it’s been stationed since December 21—and moves on to team player Aquarius until February 18. It’s been getting rather lonely at the top, and this new energy encourages collaboration instead of competition. Share the glory and let the games begin! Aquarius governs technology so any e-ventures will be blessed now. Call the developers, get that YouTube channel launched, or start developing your idea for a badass app.

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