Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 19th thru 25th, 2015

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Should you come on strong or pull back and wait? Confusion ensues under this week’s blurry starmap. Hasty decisions should be avoided like the plague — and yet, getting stuck in the quicksand of analysis paralysis is not the right alternative either.  The quagmire begins on Monday, January 19, when aggressive Mars meets passive Neptune for a totally awkward dance. To make matters fuzzier, both planets are parked in Pisces, the sign that rules our deepest fears, intuition, and our most vivid dreams. FOMO may kick into high gear with Mars here, but Neptune is the planet of illusions. That oasis in the desert may actually be a mirage, but we won’t know unless we walk right up to it ourselves and see. This trek could be a bit dangerous too with elusive Neptune fogging up the lens. We’ll need to walk with our eyes open and our swords handy (Mars) in case we encounter a dragon —or a personal demon — along the way! Creativity is a great catharsis; leftover bottles of champagne are not. Avoid the victim mindset or turning to addictive substances, both pitfalls of Pisces energy.
At its best, the Mars-Neptune combo can summon the peaceful warriors in us. Mars is a planet of action; Neptune rules compassion. It’s fitting that January 19 is also MLK Day.  Dr. King, who knew how to rally the troops (Mars) for nonviolent change (Neptune), said: “We who in engage in nonviolent direct action are not the creators of tension. We merely bring to the surface the hidden tension that is already alive.” With all the social justice issues in the headlines lately, this could be a week of widespread activism.
Mars and Neptune aren’t the only ones crying, “Viva la, Revolución!” On Tuesday, the Sun heads into Aquarius, the sign of progress, community and human rights, until February 19. Teamwork makes the dream work now, so bring on the joint ventures, creative collaborations, crowdfunding and resource pooling. For the fourth month in a row, the Sun’s sign-switch is accompanied by a new moon — something we are pointing to as a reason the world is clamoring so loudly for change.  This new moon in Aquarius is an extra special one. First, this happens to be a supermoon, meaning it’s as close as a new moon can possibly be to planet Earth. Hello, momentum! New moons spark beginnings; a supermoon brings a gale force of wind beneath our wings.  Secondly, this is the first of two consecutive new moons to fall in Aquarius — the sequel will take place next month, on February 18. So plant those seeds and make those two-part wishes, knowing that you’ll build on them yet again mid-February. Wondering where to start sowing? Aquarius rules technology, science, the future, and all things community-related.  Upgrade those digital devices, get involved in an activist group, film a Kickstarter video for a keen invention, find your tribe or get a brand new scene started yourself! Don’t forget to summon the spirit of Water Bearer Bob Marley along the way: One love! One heart! Let’s get together and feel alright.
In between protest marches and trips to the computer store, make sure to back up all your data to the cloud and password-protect confidential info. Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from Wednesday, January 21 until February 11.  Since Aquarius rules the Internet we should all take triple-strength precautions. We certainly don’t need to see another Sony hack go down! Membership has its privileges IF we are part of the right groups. We may have misgivings about being part of an organization — especially if their qualifications are too elitist or restrictive (Aquarius loves inclusiveness and freedom!). Since Mercury retrograde turns our attention to people form the past, this three-week phase is perfect for getting the old gang — or the band — back together again. Just don’t make any long-term plans until mid-February; simply reconnecting may be enough.

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