Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 20th thru 26th, 2014

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Ground Control to Major Tom. It’s Aquarius time until February 18, so let the “space odyssey” begin. The innovative, revolutionary Water Bearer wants to change the world, both through humanitarian causes and technology. Since Aquarius is a geek and a tech whiz, who knows? This could be the week where someone dreams up the next Google, iPhone or PayPal. Think: big, populist and accessible advances. Or, just get your life up to speed with software, synced devices and other computerized gadgets that bring ease and efficiency. Community-minded and team spirited, the Sun’s monthlong tour of Aquarius rockets our “let’s make Planet Earth a better place” missions into orbit. Whether we’re working on a global issue like accessible clean water for all, or changing our corner of it (streetlights for safe walks home, recycling programs in our office building), there is strength in numbers. Fortunately, Aquarius helps us gather people for our missions.

Legendary Water Bearer James Dean exemplified the shadow of Aquarius as a “rebel without a cause.” This monthlong solar spell can definitely make us feisty and destructive if we aren’t careful. Are we rocking the boat  where no waves need to be made? Or trying to capsize it even, just to stir up a little excitement? Moves like these can have a farther-reaching impact that we expect.

There’s some tension in the heavens this week too as probing, power-hungry Pluto in Capricorn directly opposes truth-exposing Jupiter which is retrograde in Cancer. Pluto is all about secrets and mysteries while Jupiter is a giant blabbermouth. Is nothing sacred? Not this week, it seems. This opposition happened last in August of 2013, a month where many secrets (some quite unsavory) were exposed. We may come face to face with our own demons?and let’s face it, we all have a side we wish we could disown. We could also swing between extremes this week pretending to be perfect (a pitfall of Pluto in image-obsessed Capricorn), or blaming everything on our childhood traumas (a side effect of  Jupiter in emo Cancer). But neither of those options really advances us to the next level of the game. Our advice? Make this a week of personal responsibility. Own the messes you’ve made and set about to clean them up. If a skeleton or three are rattling in your closet, don’t let other people blow the doors open. Tell on yourself and take command of how the story is revealed. This opposition can put is in touch with our deepest and most spiritual truths. Some of us could be pointed down an enlightened path or literally set off on a pilgrimage to reconnect to our highest truths. This is certainly a heavy offset to the breezy Aquarian energy but this cosmic cocktail hearkens the words of Gandhi: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

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