Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 26th thru February 1st, 2015

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Resolution check-in! As we slip into the final week of January, we’ll get a dusting of practical magic from the skies. This Monday, January 26, the quarter moon in Taurus helps us take stock of our progress. Did we raise the bar too high for ourselves on January 1 — or should we notch it up even higher? Grounded, steady Taurus energy helps us weigh our fantasies against reality. Perhaps it would be wiser to scale back, simplify, or build in phases instead of trying to tackle a behemoth goal in half the required amount of time. Still waiting to get those 2015 goals in motion? This get ‘er done quarter moon brings a shot of elbow grease. Fill out the forms, file the paperwork, and confirm all the details that are standing in the way of that leap off the starting block.
On Tuesday, love planet Venus switches signs, plummeting into Pisces until February 20. Her co-pilot Mars is already in Pisces — from January 12 until February 19. The two will combine forces now and bring some fantasy-fueled fun for our love lives and creative projects. Pisces energy is all about enchantment, magic, and illusion. Boundaries? Uh, what are those? With Mars and Venus here, we’d all prefer to ride off into the sunset on a white stallion — duties and details, be damned! Have that sweet escape, but DO set some limits. We must be careful not to slip too deeply into fairy tale mode, or risk spinning yarns about our lovers instead of seeing them for who they are. “Prince Charming” could be awesome, …or, he could be a temperamental mama’s boy with a gambling addiction and spotty employment record. It’s important to notice the red flags instead of screening them out with our rose-colored glasses. On Sunday, denial could reach a fever pitch when Venus meets elusive Neptune at the same degree of Pisces. Rather than waste such energy Googlestalking the Tinder date who never called back after a night of passion, summon the muse! Some otherworldly creativity could emerge in the spirit of the late, great Pisces Alexander McQueen. With the right love, however, the weekend could wrap on an amorous high; one that would make Pisces courtesan Elizabeth Taylor proud.
Before the weekend, there will be a couple of important reality checks.  (Good news, since delusion serves no one.) On Thursday, sober Saturn in Sagittarius steps in demanding that we see things for what they really are. Venus will square Saturn that day, which may feel like a temporary buzzkill to our airy-fairy plans. But Saturn in visionary Sagittarius doesn’t want us to sacrifice our dreams. Rather, Thursday can help us review the blueprints to ensure our relationships and ambitions are being built to last. On Friday, the Sun will sync up with retrograde Mercury in Aquarius, the sign of groups and collaborations. Have we assembled a dream team or do we need to tighten up the ranks? One weak link can break the chain, and Friday’s stars may expose a need for stronger allies — or a higher standard for the people we are counting on to be there for us.

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