Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 27th thru February 2nd, 2014

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Cupid is back on the scene this week with a fresh quiver of arrows. On Thursday the 31st, love planet Venus wakes up from a five week retrograde, which began on December 21. This backspin has given many of us pause in affairs of the heart. We love them, we love them not…there weren’t enough flower petals in the world to help us get clarity. Relationships that began with a bang in early December may have been short-circuited or stalled in some way by Venus retrograde. And here’s hoping you didn’t wind up with a really bad haircut (Venus is also the heavenly goddess of beauty). Retrogrades aren’t as fearsome as they are made out to be though! Think of the prefix “re,” which gives us a chance to review, redo, refine, and recalibrate. Many people had some serious emotional evolutions since the holidays or finally figured out a style that worked for them—voila! This week Venus’ U-turn allows us to make steady progress in the game of love. Venus will power forward through Capricorn until March 5, a sign that likes goals and milestones. So go on and have The Talk about what the future holds. Most of us will be in the planner’s mindset. Wouldn’t it would sure be a good idea to know if you and your sweetie are on the same page? We think so.




All the action this week happens on Thursday, as Mercury changes signs, moving into Pisces and there is also a new moon in Aquarius that day. Mercury in Pisces makes us all a whole lot more compassionate. Expect some serious heartfelt moments, ones that might involve tears, long hugs, and giant vessels of chicken soup. The muse is definitely in the house so bring on the sartorial touches and big time artsy endeavors. Head’s up: next week Mercury will turn retrograde from February 6-28. It will linger in Pisces until the 12th before backing up into Aquarius again. (Mercury will return to Pisces on March 17.) Plan ahead by backing up all important data, having those heart-to-heart talks, booking travel, and purchasing any digital devices, computers and cars before the 6th.

Now for the final event of the 31st, the Aquarius new moon, which governs teamwork and technology. Bring on the community spirit, both online and in real time. This new moon reminds us that, “the more we get together, the happier we’ll be.” Innovative advances may be born this week so start developing those apps, blogs, or web TV series. Aquarius is a humanitarian and revolutionary too. How can we make the world a more sustainable place for all?

The Chinese New Year always begins with the Aquarius new moon so bye-bye Snake, hello Horse The Snake helped us all accrue more material wealth but also brought some serpentine influences into our world. Ouch! The wild and unpredictable Horse brings a more upbeat and above-board energy to the universe. Like the “workhorse” we will continue to be quite productive in 2014, but our stallion sides and show ponies will also get a turn at the wheel. Horse years are lively and energetic. No hanging out in the stable for too long. We’ll also need to run free and chase adventure. That said, horses are prey animals, not predators. Learning how to move faster and stay on our hooves will be a must if we want to avert the challenges life brings. Gallop on!

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