Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 5th thru 11th, 2015

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Back to work we go! It’s the first industrious week of 2015 as we reunite with our colleagues and settle back behind our desks to capitalize on the abundance of this numerological 8 Year. But as we shuffle back to the office with tropical tans and holiday hangovers, there’s no need for a shocking re-entry. Social Mercury, charming Venus and firecracker Mars are all synced up in Aquarius this week, bringing plenty of “after party” opportunities to ease us back in to the grind. Aquarius is the zodiac’s team player, bringing the community spirit wherever it goes. Instead of burying our noses in the books or shuffling through mounds of paperwork, let people be the primary focus of this first full week of the New Year. Organize brainstorming sessions, meetup groups, power lunches and happy hours. Oh, and how about a fun team building exercise too? (Trust fall, anyone?) The collaborative approach can lift a huge weight off of everyone’s shoulders. Hey, there’s no reason why we can’t actually have a good time while getting our work done.


On Monday, structured Saturn will form an easy angle to Mercury. If there’s one day this week meant for practical planning, Monday is it. Saturn loves firm facts while geeky Mercury won’t mind crunching the numbers and mapping out the timelines. On Wednesday, make the first big, bold move of 2015: lucky Jupiter soars alongside the Leo moon, giving us the gambler’s instinct. Jupiter’s been retrograde since December 8, so look back to the fall. Follow up on a promising opportunity that was sparked then. This could even involve travel with jetsetting Jupiter’s influence.


On Thursday, flirty Mercury makes an exact connection to ardent Venus. Valentine’s Day is more than a month away but Cupid could make an early showing. Both planets will be hanging in affable Aquarius, indicating that love could come from the friend zone or through a community-based activity: sports leagues, volunteer groups, or general revelry with friends of friends. Don’t dismiss the Tinderscape or other online dating avenues. Aquarius rules technology so love could be a mere click or right swipe away.

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