Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for January 6th thru 12th, 2014

Confidence…or arrogance? All week, brash warrior Mars locks into a tense square with shoot-from-the-hip Jupiter making it hard for us to set proper limits or realize where our own boundaries lie. Advice? Tune in to the moderation station. While we may be craving, “more, more, more,” there’s an unquenchable aspect to our thrillseeking thirst. It’s fine to be adventurous but daredevil moves can get us in hot water now. Be careful not to push an agenda or be too forceful about advancing a slapdash idea. We might just get what we wish for—and it could be a heavy load to bear.

On Wednesday, expressive Mercury syncs up with retrograde Venus as the same degree of Capricorn. Who says business and personal can’t blend? The midweek mingling of these two charming planets brings a softer touch to our professional dealings. Linger over power lunches, rally coworkers for Happy Hour, mull over the prospect of starting a business with someone from your inner circle. Venus is in retrograde indicating that people from our past may figure into this plan. Romantically, the Mercury-Venus duo calls for power coupling. Setting goals can be sexy too so map your merging futures and enjoy the tingly feelings this brings.
On Saturday, messenger Mercury changes signs, zipping into Aquarius until January 31. Let the social networking begin! Aquarius is the sign of community, and we’ll be keen on meeting people both online and in real time. Aquarius is a humanitarian…and a rabble rouser. Expressive Mercury cruising through this sign can prompt us to pick up the picket signs or get loud for an issue that needs some public attention. But before you cry, “Viva la revolucion!” make sure you’re truly committed to the cause. Three weeks from now, Mercury flutters on to Pisces and we don’t want to start fires just to leave them burning.
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