Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 13th thru July 19th, 2015

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The stars are serving it up, family style this week! On Wednesday, July 15 the annual new moon in Cancer brings its warm-fuzzy beams to the world. Cozy, intimate Cancer energy reminds us to appreciate the people in our inner circles—the ones we often take for granted. As the zodiac’s most feminine sign, the ladies in our lives will play starring roles under the Cancer new moon. Consider this a cosmic Mother’s Day, Sadie Hawkins Dance and Ladies Night rolled into one. Call your mama and make a point of connecting to the intriguing women hovering about. With our nesting instincts activated by la luna, spending time at home base helps us feel more centered. In the market for a Home-Sweet-Home? This domestic new moon could reveal a dream listing or inspire a remodel or decorating spree.

Head’s up! The emotion ocean will run deep as this new moon washes up alongside FIVE other planets in water signs: The expressive Sun and Mercury will be in Cancer, as well as motivator Mars. Dreamy Neptune is drifting through Pisces, while stable Saturn is anchored in Scorpio. There’s no time like the present for a family reunion or to get the #girlgang together for some quality bonding time. Just keep the drunken uncle and crazymaking cousins off the guest list. On Friday, tempestuous Pluto will directly oppose combative Mars and quicksilver Mercury. And both planets will form a combustible square to Uranus on Saturday, setting the stage for explosive emotions. These troubling transits could make us all a little too quick to fire off a round of defensive jabs or critical commentary. Power struggles may erupt in our closest relationships, too. It’s going to take some serious self-control to make it through the weekend without any drama. May we suggest venting to a levelheaded friend and cooling down before getting in anyone’s face? Emotions are best expressed when we’ve had a chance to step back and view them objectively, NOT in the heat of the moment.


Venus switches signs on Saturday the 18th, heading into Virgo for a brief, two-week staycation. Acts Of Service is officially the love language of this Venus phase (a nod to Dr. Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages. Ask not what your partner can do for you. Instead, find ways to be helpful, encouraging and supportive of the one you love. Not that we should mistake this phase for martyrdom. Keep the balance of giving and receiving balanced to avoid resentment or burnout. (Or worse, going from Hot Mama to Mother Hen with one too many a favor.) Venus in Virgo likes things spelled out in plain text. Simply asking for what we need—without all the backstory and apologies—is the quickest way to get it. Another mantra to adopt for the remainder of July? When you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Open up that shared calendar, lovebirds, and set some dates in stone. Those festival tickets aren’t going to reserve themselves—hello!

Head’s up: From July 25 to September 6, Venus will be retrograde—in Virgo until July 31, then inching back into Leo for the remainder of its backspin. Old quarrels could crop up, especially when it comes to those nitpicky quirks you continually clash over. Old flames could start flash fires again but Venus’ backspin can also send us on a sentimental voyage. More on that in next week’s horoscope, but if you need to buttress your emotional fort against an ex’s charms, do the necessary un-friending and damage control this weekend!

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