Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 14th thru 20th, 2014

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From homebody to Hollywood-bound—the mood of the world is about to get a whole lot sparklier this week. That’s because daring, expansive Jupiter is switching signs—an event that happens every 12-13 months. This Wednesday, July 16, Jupiter will blaze into passionate, flamboyant Leo announcing itself with a “Ta-daaaaa!” loud enough to be heard around the world. The change in mood will be palpable.

Since last June 25, the red-spotted planet has been touring cozy, family-friendly Cancer. And while Jupiter is “exalted” in Cancer (meaning this is supposed to be a power position for The Joop) their combined energies has not been an easy ride. Jupiter is the loudmouthed truth-seeker that puts everything on blast—but Cancer is a privacy hound. Awkward! Jupiter is a jetsetter with friends from all walks of life. Cancer is the nesting sign that rolls with a small, exclusive click. Are you seeing the conflict of interests here? It’s been an angst filled thirteen months for many of us, as we struggled with the “live out loud…but not too loud” vibes Jupiter in Cancer brought.



Jupiter’s tour of Leo, which starts Wednesday and lasts until August 11, 2015, could turn life into a giant red carpet sashay. Since Jupiter expands everything it touches, we should see a renaissance in the arts, movie industry, and fashion world. Lion Queen Madonna sang the ultimate Jupiter in Leo anthem: Express Yourself. This could get pretty wild, in fact. Gaga’s meat dress could seem tame one year from now. Newsflash Tinderbots: romance is not dead. Jupiter in Leo will revive the art of the courtship ritual. And we’ll bet our perfumed stationery that it doesn’t boil down to “right swipe me, baby.” Global Jupiter in Leo could also bring the rise of some major egos on the main stage as well—as the world stage. Egregious wealth and power-tripping could be exposed by Jupiter, forcing us to deal with the widening gap between the “haves” and “have-nots.” PS: The last time Jupiter toured Leo was from August 2002 to September 2003. Flip back in the calendar to see where you grew most then. What doors swung open and what big lessons brought a smackdown for the ego, forcing you to change? You could be building upon this growth over the next thirteen months. Embrace it.


On Friday, July 18, amorous Venus brings us back to that cozy Cancer bubble for just a little longer. La love planet will hang in the crab shell until August 12 giving the nice guys and girls some extra help in the romance department. Venus loves to create beauty, making this one of the best times of 2014 for a decorating mission. Both Venus and Cancer are associated with women, so sister acts will be blessed by her beams for this three-week phase. Let’s hear it for the girls!

On Sunday, July 20, those stalled engines begin to turn over. Structure-hound Saturn wakes up from a four-and-a-half month retrograde, which began on March 2. Saturn’s backspin caused major slowdowns and forced us back to the drawing board to ensure that everything we were building was happening on a solid foundation. Saturn is in Scorpio too, and the retrograde revealed some snakes in the grass or shady deals. People’s secret agendas became clear, but the manipulative mind-bending got even worse when we tried to call it out. As Saturn speeds ahead this Sunday, we’ll have an easier time getting partnerships back into a clear and working place. Just as Scorpio can be very extreme, black or white, Saturn’s U-Turn in this sign helps us adopt that very “no excuses.” attitude too. This is as true in the boardroom as it is in the bedroom. Saturn in Scorpio affects our sex lives too, so listening to our intuition about our lovers is so important now, as we apply the lessons we’ve learned since March. Like we said: no excuses!

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