Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 21st thru 27th, 2014

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Grab your crown and scepter and let’s hear that roar. This week is chock full of Leo energy, reminding us that we could be royal. The Sun heads into the lion’s den for a month this Tuesday, July 22, bringing out the show ponies in all of us. Whether you’re feeling Britney in Vegas or Brigitte Bardot in Old Hollywood repose, this is the week to turn the lights up to ultra-bright. Passion will not be short order between now and August 23, and the creative juices will flow like sweet summery Rosé. There’s hardly a better time for adding some edge to your dares (painted pastel highlights, anyone?) or waging a PR campaign to promote your latest creations. This “check me out!” energy will be supersized all week too, since magnificent, magnifying Jupiter will travel closely to the Sun, meeting up at the same degree on Thursday. Caution: there could be some major ego-tripping and power plays going down too as both the Sun and Jupiter can be rather full of themselves. Skip the humble brags too and just focus on sharing instead of seeking praise and validation. With jetsetting Jupiter in the frame, our talents could reach people in new corners of the world.



On Saturday, July 26, there will be a new moon in Leo. If you’re having trouble tapping into your regal energy, la luna brings a lovely confidence booster. This is a powerful time to initiate projects, dive back into the dating pool, or rev up romance with a long-term love. Ready to refresh your image? Call in wardrobe and styling and splurge a little the pampering process. As Leo well knows, first impressions can leave an indelible impression—and modesty is overrated. How do you want to shine in the world? This new moon flips on your self-expression switch.


Earlier in the week, there’s another retrograde to contend with. Iconoclast and innovator Uranus slips into its annual slumber, backspinning through Aries until December 21. This may tame the rebels in us a bit or force us to go back to the drawing board to fine tune our future-forward ideas. If we’ve thrown the baby (read: traditional wisdom and proven techniques) out with the bathwater, now is the time to integrate the tried and true once again. Uranus is the community planet, so many of us will question where exactly we belong. Since retrogrades rule the past, we could reconnect to groups and humanitarian missions (also Uranus’ wheelhouse) that fulfilled us once before.



Mars makes a bold move this Friday, July 25, heading into sizzling Scorpio until September 13. This is a bigger deal than usual since the red planet is completing an unusually long, eight-month stint in Libra that began last December 7. Mars generally spends 6-8 weeks in a sign, but every two years turns retrograde and may hover in once particular sign for four times its normal trek. Relationship were energized and aggravated by Mars in Libra which forced us to deal with our differences and find a harmonious balance without selling out on our individuality. A tall order indeed! Now, Mars is back in its wheelhouse, as it is a co-ruler of Scorpio (along with Pluto). Is it getting hot in here? Try scorching! This lusty seven-week phase will be quite the bodice-ripper. The fun happens behind closed doors now, in both the bedroom and the boardroom. But beware those power plays! This is not the time to be overly trusting as people may have hidden agendas going on, ones that involve an unquenchable thirst for domination.

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