Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 27th thru August 2nd, 2015

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Double rainbow! This Friday, July 31 brings the full moon in magical, metaphysical Aquarius. Do you believe in unicorns? Well, by the time the workweek wraps, you might also believe in mermaids. This full moon marks the manifestation of TWO Aquarius new moons from early 2015—the January 20 supermoon and the second new moon on February 18, which heralded the Chinese Year of the Sheep Seeds we planted early in the year could start to bear fruit—especially our idealistic, out-of-the box dreams. When in doubt, take the unconventional route! Aquarius is the sign that governs teamwork and technology. There will be group victories to celebrate this week or a deep desire to find our soul tribes. Turn on the searchlight. Those kindred spirits could be revealed within two weeks of Friday. Feel like making the world a better place? (Hands raised.) Power-to-the-people Aquarius energy helps guide us to humanitarian missions. Whether they involve global activism or a little community cleanup, there is strength in numbers. No good deed is too small…but why not go a little bigger, inviting the social network to get in on the goodwill game?


Venus remains in retrograde this week (read our Venus retrograde survival tips here!), hovering in fussy Virgo until Friday. Pick, pick, pick…peck, peck, peck: We could snuff out the loving vibes by being too “helpful” or involved in our lovers’ affairs. Keep expectations reasonable, please. We may demand perfection of our partners during the workweek. Comparing means despairing, so who gives a f*** what The Joneses think about our love lives? Close the opinion polls and screen out the gossips! On Saturday, Venus floats back into Leo, rounding out the retrograde here until September 6. Passion or high drama? This five-week phase will be quite the storied one. We’ll all need a lot more attention, but who is going to play the role of the cheering supporter? After Friday, we’ll have to work harder at listening as well as stepping back and letting others shine, too. Old flames have a funny way of showing up while Venus is in reverse. There could be some rather emotional reunions in August—welcome or not. Keep lines as clear as possible and just remember that it will all shake out by September. Got wedding plans during Venus retrograde? No need to call off the caterers and elope to Vegas. But it wouldn’t hurt to squeeze in one extra counseling session before the nuptials JUST to be sure you’ve worked out all those final knots and fears. We recommend a vow renewal on your first anniversary—thankfully, Venus will NOT be retrograde next summer!

On Saturday, the summer’s storm clouds begin to clear as dour Saturn wakes up from a long retrograde that began on March 14. Since June 14, Saturn slipped back from Sagittarius into Scorpio for a final encore of a tour that began in October 2012.  Talk about intense! Saturn’s three-year reign through Scorpio has forced us all to deal with our shadows. Power struggles, vengeance, emotional manipulation—it’s brought enough material to script at least three seasons of Game Of Thrones. On September 17, Saturn will officially move on to Sagittarius—and won’t return to Scorpio again until 2041! But Scorpio is also the sign of transformation. The phoenix is rising from the ashes for the next six weeks. Now is the time to really tackle an area of life that needs to be whipped into shape. No excuses! This is extreme makeover territory we’re talking about here. While we’ll need to be very black and white about our limits, we can still tap the mystical realm for support. Saturn in Scorpio loves a dash of magic along with those practical plans. Break out the angel cards, set up a manifestation altar, cobble together a vision board. Relationships could hit their stride or break up for good since Saturn in Scorpio affects our intimate lives. Listening to our intuition is as important in the boardroom as it is in the bedroom. Like we said: No excuses! If words and actions don’t match up, something (or someone) has got to go. But for those who have a soulmate to appreciate (not a perfect one, but a qualified candidate), bring on those loving feelings!

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