Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 28th thru August 3rd, 2014

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What the world needs now is love, sweet love—but this week, amorous Venus has somewhat more dramatic plans. On Monday, July 28, the cosmic love goddess will directly oppose possessive, shadowy Pluto, stirring up some rather intense feelings in all of us. Jealousy could strike in our closest relationships, as well as power struggles. We could be drawn to troubled types, or people who bring out our own less-than-evolved nature. There’s a tendency to project our fears onto other people when Venus and Pluto are in a smackdown like this. So notice what annoys you about “them.” That finger of blame could come a pointing back to you. Eek! While the Venus-Pluto opposition can create some sexy sparks, those embers may fly with some pretty shady people. Our animal instincts don’t always lead us towards enlightenment, after all. Then again, seeing our own raw nature can be humbling, and fodder for transformation. All the same, willpower will not be its strongest with Venus and Pluto locked into this dance, so if making a hasty (or downright selfish) move could unravel a life you love, please don’t go there.



Then, on Friday, Venus gets into it with two other planets: stable Saturn in Scorpio and firecracker Uranus in Aries. The Venus-Scorpio angle (a harmonious trine or 60 degree angle) will be like a much-needed cold shower, bringing our temperatures down to normal and restoring common sense. Unlike earlier in the week, Venus trine Scorpio downloads that loyalty code into our psyches. This is a day for really stepping up and being there for the ones we care for—lovers, family, friends. But that very same day, cranky Uranus throws Venus a curveball, forming a tense square (a 90 degree angle) to la love goddess. The romantic rebellion will still be in effect, making our fuses short and our impulse control harder to find. But Friday is also a day where we can honestly address the conflicts in our relationships and find workable long-term solutions. Sweeping unhappiness under the rug is just a recipe for resentment, after all. If we can lean in to stalwart Saturn and talk about issues constructively, we might just be hugging it out (or enjoying some hot makeup makeouts) before the weekend.



Mercury is also on the move this week, heading into showy, passionate Leo from Thursday until August 15. This won’t exactly help us control our impulses—wild and uncensored self-expression is what Mercury in Leo is all about. And with the Sun and larger-than-life Jupiter both in the lion’s den too, this could get crazy colorful. Neon bright, even. On Saturday, Mercury and Jupiter meet up at the same degree, which could make the weekend feel like a Brazilian Carnival. Bring on the feather headdresses, body paint, and elaborate dance steps! The only trouble is that domineering Mars in Scorpio will form a square to Mercury and Jupiter that day which could bring a clash of egos or another round of power struggles. No, Astrofriends, this is not going to be the easiest week of the summer. One minute we’re letting it all hang out, the next we want to run and hide. Expect to feel some polar extremes and try to steady yourself as your ride those waves.

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