Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for July 6th thru July 12th, 2015

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Passion! Drama! Intrigue! Oh, and a side of subterfuge, too. This week has 007 written all over it. On Monday, July 6, the “skyfall” begins as the Sun in private, possessive Cancer makes its annual opposition to seductive, secretive Pluto in Capricorn. Grab those spy goggles! This celestial smackdown ratchets up our trust issues—and not without good reason. There could be some serious hidden agendas, ulterior motives and manipulative moves going down early this week. But that doesn’t mean we have to treat everyone we meet as if they are a potential Auric Goldfinger or Pussy Galore. Simply start the week off on a careful note, and think about keeping a few more precious life moments private. Speaking of which, the Sun-Pluto opposition can bring some seriously sexy sparks. There’s a thin line between love and hate early this week. Near Monday, it could snap, leading to one of the hottest makeout sessions of, well, the entire summer! While this might fall more in the “It’s Complicated” terrain, a passionate exchange could bring a page-turning moment in our personal autobiographies. But easy now! If this could lead to obsessing or the destruction of a stable bond, run (don’t walk!) in the other direction.


On Thursday, messenger Mercury switches signs, flowing into cozy, private Cancer until July 24. Draw a tighter radius around your inner circle. When it comes to really baring our souls, it’s trusted confidantes only! Old friends and family could become more actively engaged in our lives. Since Cancer is the zodiac’s homemaker, we could summon our domestic doyennes now. Put a leaf in the table and research a killer sangria recipe. Social Mercury is bound to bring some legendary dinner party action while touring the Crab’s domain. Start those decor boards on Pinterest with an eye to both comfort and style. What good is that modernist sofa if it’s too boxy to ever lean back on in repose?


There’s also a quarter moon in Aries on Thursday, which saves us from totally slipping off the grid and into obscurity. This balancing lunar event inspires us to self-promote…modestly, that is! Let the world in on your latest developments, even if they are still works in progress. Or, hold a focus group to get feedback on projects. A little outside direction can help us fine-tune before we bring anything into the public-PUBLIC eye. Has your selfie-stick become an extension of your actual arm? Put. It. Down. The Aries quarter moon wants us to aim for authenticity instead of journaling a life that we are too busy photographing to actually be living. All things in moderation is the rule of a quarter moon. So summon that starpower but make sure you can live up to the hype! And if you find that you can’t, use the Aries energy to invest in some self-development, like training and workshops that can take your skill set to the next level.

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