Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 16th thru 22nd, 2014

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Mercury mayhem just got a little more intense. The planet of communication and all things mobile is midway through a retrograde that began June 7 and ends on July 1. But this Tuesday, June 17, the cosmic messenger slips back a sign, retreating from Cancer into Gemini. When it comes to scrambled signals, this is a bit of a double whammy. Mercury and Gemini share a natural connection and govern similar aspects of our lives. So put on your armor, people, and get ready for some snarly squabbles and hidden agendas for the next two weeks. Scheduling everything from our daily affairs to our summer trips could turn into a logistical nightmare. May we suggest following the rule of KISS (Keep It Simple uh, Sweetheart)? Don’t make life any more complicated than it needs to be. Better to be a little bored than majorly stressed. As is always the directive with Mercury retrograde, try to hold off on signing contracts, Tweeting while angry (or midway through a frozen margarita), and making hasty purchases of on-the-go gadgets. But the world doesn’t stop just because Mercury takes a backspin. If you must seal a deal or upgrade your cell phone, dot every i and cross all those t’s.



This Thursday, the Gemini Sun will be at the very same degree as retro Mercury. Like a giant cosmic spotlight, that blazing ball in the sky brightens up everything that it comes into contact with. On such a potent day, we can’t stress enough the importance of backing up sensitive data, password protecting, logging out of public computers, and watching your every word. But forget about hiding under a rock just because there’s a code orange “open mouth, insert Birkenstock” alert going out to the planet. Reuniting will feel SO good under this Sun-Mercury combo. Call up those old friends and get the gang back together for some reminiscing and reconnecting. Or, lock yourself away and bang out a chapter of your memoirs or the next Pulitzer-prize winning novel.

Mercury retrograde does not have to spell disaster, by the way. A positive use of this cosmic phase involves all things “re”: reviewing, refining, researching, reconciling. A cold war with a friend or collaborator could come to an end. Hash it out then, bury the hatchet—especially if you’re so over the drama and can hardly remember why you fought in the first place. Work behind the scenes to develop those big ideas and tighten up any plans that were made in haste. Deep diving into the details can help us swim back to the surface with a masterpiece in our nets by July.



Saturday, June 21 is the summer solstice, the moment each year when the Sun moves into flowy, feminine Cancer for a month. Home, family and all things domestic take center stage in our lives until July 22, so tie on that apron and break out the mesquite barbecue chips. This year, lucky, expansive Jupiter will be traveling alongside the Sun in Cancer until July 16. Can we get a “Ta-daaaa!” please? Everything we touch will have a larger than life quality to it since both the Sun and Jupiter agree that bigger is better. And while Cancer energy tends to be more modest and private, we may feel more comfortable showing off, at least to the people who know us well. Bring on the housewarmings, private parties, invite-only affairs. Real estate deals will be blessed by the Sun-Jupiter collabo, as will family vacations, home-based businesses, and all activities involving women, children and the domestic arts. And from July 2-16, when Mercury is direct and the Sun and Jupiter are both in Cancer, we could seal some big deals that help us grow our nest eggs and pump up the family security fund.

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