Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 1st thru 7th, 2015

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Truth or dare? The week kicks off with a full moon in outspoken, adventurous Sagittarius on Tuesday, June 2. No more faking it, people. Our honest thoughts and feelings could come out in a hot uncensored rush. But the way we deliver those words determines everything. Too much of a direct hit could cause our messages to get lost in translation. The think-before-you-blurt rule is especially important since la luna locks into a tricky T-square (a three-way tug of war) with muddling Neptune in Pisces and a meddling Sun-Mars duo in Gemini. Before we unleash, we need to apply the compassion filter (Neptune): Will our words leave people with their dignity intact? And then: Do we REALLY want to get involved? The busybody vibes of the Sun and Mars in Gemini could cause us to poke our noses where they don’t belong. Unless people ask for our opinions, it might be best to keep them to ourselves. And if we feel we have something genuinely valuable to offer, it’s always useful to ask permission to contribute feedback before just going at it.  Stuck in a rut? The Sagittarius full moon can pull us right out, delivering a heady dose of optimism. With the T-square, we’ll need to screen out the Debbie Downers and the Critical Christines who want to stick a pin in our balloons. Think globally…and act that way, too. This full moon can prompt us to cast wider nets. Opportunity might be waiting in foreign ports this week. Fire up FaceTime for a meeting or book travel to pursue a prospect. Just remember that Mercury IS retrograde until June 11, so it might be best to take the journey later in the month.


On Friday, loveplanet Venus heads into glamorous, romantic Leo for an extended stay that lasts until October 8. Hello romantic renaissance! Venus is very much at home in the lion’s den where decadence and ardor reign supreme. The spring, summer, and early fall will be showered with rose petals, Rumi poems and public serenades. (We hear cries of, “Get a room!”) Normally Venus hangs out in a sign for 4-5 weeks, but due to a retrograde that stretches from July 31 to September 6, she’ll hover in Leo for four MONTHS. And while life may be rainbows and unicorns until then, relationships could hit a speedbump during Venus’ backspin, which essentially will be for the entire month of August. If we projected a fantasy onto our partners we could get a harsh wakeup call then. And with Venus in theatrical Leo, things could get pretty dramatic. But this doesn’t have to be the end of the road for lovebirds. There’s a reason those vows include “for better AND for worse.” Getting to know our partners’ shadow sides is part of the happily-ever-after equation. Old flames may be reignited during the retrograde, too, so if an ex starts creeping into your dreams this weekend, it may only be a matter of time before you reconnect—or get that much-needed closure.

Did you set a wedding date for the time Venus is in reverse from July 31 to September 6? Don’t worry: Your union is NOT cursed. But you will want to take extra care with planning and maybe even do a few sessions with a couple’s therapist or spiritual advisor before tying the knot. We recommend a vow renewal one year later to those who wed during a Venus retrograde. Don’t worry: 2016 is in the clear because Venus only drives in reverse every other year.

Venus in Leo is an ideal time to be an artist, musician or just to express yourself creatively through style. Take more dares with your creativity and your closet-pulls. If you’re not a maker, be an arts appreciator. The festival circuit couldn’t be livelier than under this enchanted Venus spell!

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