Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 22nd thru 28th, 2015

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So what exactly is “normal,” anyway? That question will color the entire week. It begins this Monday, June 22 when jovial Jupiter and liberated Uranus form a lucky trine (flowing, 120 degree angle) and make the weird seem wonderful. Both planets are known to evoke our free-spirited natures—even more so because they are in creative, courageous fire signs. Take a sharp detour from the “wax on, wax off” way of doing things! Jupiter’s philosophical, sky’s-the-limit mindset gels beautifully with Uranus’ innovative, rule-breaking style. While it might be hard to create a structure or game plan with these two badasses at the wheel, this is the perfect week for high-level brainstorming. Call a summit with the great minds in your world. With Jupiter in flamboyant Leo and Uranus in devil-may-care Aries, the results could be quite show-stopping indeed. This configuration is a rare—it won’t happen again until 2019. But flip back to March 3 of this year, because Jupiter and Uranus met in a trine then, too. This week’s developments could be phase two of what got initiated in the early spring. We may find ourselves interested in spiritual and metaphysical teachings, global politics and social change. Given the friendly angle of these planets, we could see some positive advancements on the world stage and in the tech sector.

Brainfog alert! On Tuesday, messenger Mercury will form a tricky square (90 degree angle) to hazy Neptune, making us all feel like space cadets. Thinking and speaking may be muddled—and common sense could go right out the window. Take extra care when driving and crossing the street near Tuesday—and don’t walk around with your nose buried in your Instagram feed. Scan each room before you leave it to make sure you’re not leaving a trail of important papers, keys or your cell phone behind. Mercury leans into logic, while Neptune is a deep feeler. Their clash will push to balance head and heart, and that can be quite positive. A frenemy could get back in our good graces and we might just embrace someone whom we thought we’d never get along with. We may have to think more creatively, too, which can lead to breakthrough developments.

Weekend warriors: Turn on your love lights! On Sunday, romantic Venus will trine effervescent Uranus, bringing some let-your-hair-down energy to the world. 1960s flashback, anyone? This cosmic confab has “free love” written all over it. Excitement will be preferable to predictability. We might just stop talking midsentence to the Steady Freddie who bought our first Saturday night margarita to chase after the smoldering lead singer who winked at us across the bar. Will we have the best judgment this weekend? Oh, probably not. The point of a Venus-Uranus trine is to enjoy a magical moment instead of trying to force the “happily ever after.” (A warning to those thinking about, ahem, ending a 48-hour date in a Vegas chapel.) Couples should break out of their predictable grooves, too—this doesn’t have to threaten your relationship status. Book a weekend getaway in a lively city or head to a festival together. And hey, if you actually ARE ready to elope, you might just end the weekend with a ring on THAT finger. Venus rules style, and breaking the rules of fashion can be a great way to meet strangers! Now, where IS that unicorn onesie?

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