Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 23rd thru 29th, 2014

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The tune of our collective love song changes this Monday as romancin’ Venus moves into playful, social Gemini until July 18. We’ve been swaying to slow jams while Venus was in Taurus since May 28, but…yaaaaaawn. It’s time to stop sleepwalking and spice up our pillow talk by getting back out into the world again. Bring on the activity dates, road trips, and shared culture exploration. The more you go out, the more you’ll have to work with (and talk about) when you make it back home. In Gemini, Venus is a cosmic coquette—and a shameless flirt too. This is great for getting back into the game, but not always the best for staying put with one person. Don’t be too quick to replace…or right-swipe (Tinder terminology for declaring someone dateable). If you’re in a relationship, Venus in Gemini helps with communication—and that means listening too, not just delivering long monologues. Geek is chic with this intellectual sign at helming our libidos. Be a “sapiosexual,” giving a beautiful mind and strong character top ranking in your criteria, conventional attractiveness be damned.



Midweek, we’ll all be feeling pretty aggro—and some serious horn locking could go down. Warrior Mars makes a direct opposition combustible, unpredictable Uranus (which is housed in hotheaded Aries, no less). The last time this happened was on the April 23 Grand Cardinal Cross, and we may hear echoes of a conflict that arose then. (For a little refresher on THAT one: But we will also have a chance to peel back the layers and make progress with this still-simmering tension. But not on Wednesday… Irritation could explode into some heated words and surprisingly intense exchanges. If you’re negotiating a tough deal or gearing up to have The Talk about a sticky subject, may we suggest scheduling it for the weekend? On Wednesday, things could go from bad to worse to pure regret. On a plus, the Mars-Uranus faceoff can be a great catalyst for change, helping us snip toxic ties that have been keeping us stuck and unsatisfied. Uh…take this job/relationship/generally lame situation and shove it? Such words could slip out, uncensored midweek. Only say this if you mean it!


Hallelujah! Friday, June 27 brings some of the best starry vibes of the summer as four heavenly bodies assemble into a Grand Water Trine—or a perfect triangle formation in the skies. The players in this configuration are all in water signs: stabilizing Saturn in Scorpio, dreamy Neptune in Pisces and the energizing Sun and soulful New Moon in Cancer. In this trinity, they bring a harmonious, and auspicious blend of their energies. After SUCH AN INTENSE spring and summer, we could really use this heart-opening energy.  Hug it out: major reconciliation is possible on Friday (and through the weekend). But not in a superficial way! Neptune is the planet of healing and forgiveness, while Saturn gives us backbone and makes sure we also stick up for ourselves. The Sun gives us the courage to speak our truth. And since a New Moon is in the mix, we’re ready for fresh starts. The Grand Water Trine is major for creative types too. The muse is in the house, so make art, not war this weekend. Hello cathartic release!

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