Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 2nd thru 8th, 2014

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Next stop: Fantasy Island. From Monday through Wednesday, romantic Venus forms a friendly angle to dreamy Neptune, dropping the rose-colored lens over our eyes. Venus is in earthy, sensual Taurus while Neptune is in imaginative, boundless Pisces. This cosmic combo can help us bring a little more reality into our amorous vision. Instead of musing about what might be, how about making a move? No need to hire a skywriter or pay for a special spot on the Jumbotron. Subtle, daily shows of affection will do the trick. Don’t underestimate the power of poetry and good-old-fashioned courtship rituals. Slowing down brings the sparks too, and the Venus-Neptune merger brings magic to every moment. Who wants to hold hands and share an ice cream sundae?


On Thursday, June 5, the quarter moon in Virgo helps bring some order to our courts. The devil is in the details—but a chorus of angels will sing once we get those handled. Pause to put more efficient systems in place: how can we work smarter, not harder? Virgo loves simplicity and this quarter moon will shine a light on our excess. Reduce stress and dial down drama by figuring out what is really important—and which bells and whistles can wait for another day. Virgo governs wellbeing and healthy habits too. With summer fruit ripening on trees and vines, we can restore our glows by fueling up with natural and organic foods. (Straight from the farmer’s market, even). Quarter moons are about balance, so no need to become a vegan macrobiotic here (unless that’s your thing). Just make a point of adding healthier fare to your plate and more movement to your agenda. Meet friends for dancing or bike rides; walk more often. Before you know it, that gentle gait could turn into a full-on run.


Throughout the week, be sure to back up all your important data, clear the air with feuding friends, and tie up any loose ends with contracts. On Saturday, June 7, Mercury will turn retrograde for the second time this year. This backspin lasts until July 1, but for the first ten days will take place in Cancer before retreating into Gemini on June 17th. Since Cancer is the home and family sign, that’s where we may feel the pinch from Mercury most. Locking horns with relatives and close friends could become the new normal for the next ten days. Ay caramba! Best to go to your corners than get into a verbal sparring match. Everyone’s more emotional than usual from June 7-17. Underneath the angst may be some simmering sentimentality though—we just won’t be great at sailing the emotion ocean. To soothe the troubled vibes, take a walk down Nostalgia Ave. Share old pictures (every day is #tbt now), reminisce on the good times, revisit places that you all enjoyed together. And should you find yourself in family reunion mode, remember the old saying about houseguests and halibut: both go bad after three days. Stick to short, sweet visits, and send them to the Holiday Inn if they feel like extending their stay. If you are working on a home renovation, plans could be stalled or put on hold. That might be for the best, so don’t pitch a fit if the contractor gives you a new July start date. Ideally, these projects should wait until after July 1, but we can’t put life on hold because of pesky Mercury. Just dot every i and cross every t—with the inspector’s thumbs up too—before replacing your plumbing or knocking out drywall. For more on Mercury retrograde explained, read here:

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