Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for June 30th thru July 6th, 2014

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Lift the gag orders! After a choppy three weeks, messenger Mercury wakes up from its retrograde this Tuesday, July 1 and gives us all some sweet relief. This course correction now finds Mercury motoring forward in glib, garrulous Gemini until July 13. Think of it as a double bonus: Gemini governs partnerships so straight-shooting Mercury can help us mend fences over the next two weeks. If you’ve been waiting for a clear signal from the stars to buy a car, sign a contract or upgrade your smart phone, the smoke is clearing now. Tuesday marks a far more auspicious time for all things communication, transportation and information related.



July Fourth arrives with an extra burst of fireworks. The nurturing, homespun Cancer Sun will directly oppose seductive, possessive Pluto in Capricorn. This celestial smackdown ratchets up the tension of the day and could bring heated debates—or white-hot makeout sessions. Who knows? While everyone else is arguing about the merits of ambrosia salad (completely disgusting or coconut-mandarin magic?) some people will be tucked away in a hidden nook snogging like teenagers. Scandalous! Both Cancer and Capricorn are family signs and this opposition could bring feuds to a head. Don’t take pity and invite the drunken uncle or the narcissistic sister to the party if you want the day to go off without a hitch.


And if Friday’s pyrotechnics get too explosive, Saturday’s quarter moon in Libra will bring some soothing salve. Balance and harmony are much easier to restore under this lunar light. And since this is a waxing moon, think of it as a buildup towards long-term solutions that will emerge under the July 12 full moon in Capricorn. Peacekeeping Libra helps us see the other perspective, find a middle ground and make the best out of a mess. Make art, not war! Aesthetic Libra brings out the beauty lovers in us all so take a stroll through an outdoor installation, pick up tickets to a concert in the park, or get those hands dirty with some DIY supplies. Don’t forget to add a touch of luxe to everything too, Libra’s signature flair.

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