Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 16th thru 22nd, 2015

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Fasten your asteroid belts: This dynamic week will be filled with revolutions and revelations. It begins on Monday, March 16 when powerhouse Pluto in Capricorn forms an exact square (90 degree angle) to changemaker Uranus in Aries. Classic versus modern, “the man” versus “the people”—get ready for some value clashes in the personal sphere and on the world stage. We’ve been feeling the effects of this square since mid-February, but its most potent hit comes this Monday. While the war between the controlling old guard (Pluto) and the radical innovators (Uranus) can be rough, we’ve kind of gotten used to it. Since 2012, Pluto and Uranus have squared each other six times, shaking up the world as we know it. Police brutality, military uprisings, unified protests, net neutrality—all these intense issues have been roused by the tension between dominating Pluto and techie Uranus. Take heart! This Monday’s square is the seventh and LAST in the series. Tension may heat up for the rest of March, but we might actually find a resolution to the revolution this time around! Better still, Pluto and Uranus won’t tussle again until 2046. Here’s hoping things settle down and get a little “boring” again. For more on the Pluto-Uranus square, read our post here:

On Tuesday, diplomat Venus brings some rescue remedy for the Pluto-Uranus tension. After three weeks in warrior Aries, she moves on to grounded, stable Taurus. Venus is at home here since she is the Bull’s natural ruler. Paging Aphrodite and Eros! Decadence, sensuality and luxury are the order of this Venus phase, which lasts until April 11. Old-fashioned courtship rituals could have a revival this spring. Taurus likes to take things slowly, investing in quality and relationships that can stand the test of time. Let that spring awakening unfold at a more organic pace.

The first eclipse of 2015 arrives with Friday’s new moon in Pisces. This solar eclipse in the sign of the dreamy, soulful fish could bring a worldwide awakening. There will be a total of four eclipses this year, but this is the first one to land on the Pisces/Virgo axis since a 2006-8 series. They will help us find a new balance between fantasy and facts, spirit and sensibility, creativity and logic. Both Pisces and Virgo are helper-healer signs. The call for compassion and selfless service will become louder during this eclipse pattern, which lasts until February 26, 2017. As this Friday’s eclipse falls with a new moon, it ushers in fresh starts. Soulful spring cleaning, anyone? Pisces is not afraid to delve into the shadows, so unlock that chamber of secrets and have a look around. Take time to get in touch with negative thoughts, limiting beliefs, and addictive behavior patterns.  Becoming aware of what trips us up can bring an incredible sense of power. This is a stellar time to start a meditation practice, journal, learn an instrument or dive into the arts—particularly music and dance, which fall under Pisces’ jurisdiction.

Moments after the eclipse, the Sun moves on to Aries for a monthlong cycle. With the feisty, fearless Ram ruling the skies until April 20, the world could feel like one long episode of The X Factor. Let those talents out to play! Uncensored self-expression is what Aries loves most. But with everyone demanding premium time in the spotlight, there could be some real diva duels. Make a more concerted effort to be cooperative—yes, world leaders, we’re looking at you.

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