Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 24th thru 30th, 2014

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Step aside, Socrates. The week is off to a philosophical start as curious Mercury and eternal-seeker Jupiter form a supportive trine (60 degree angle) to one another. We’ll all be asking those bigger, and perhaps unanswerable questions. The juiciest part lies in the discussions we’ll have, not necessarily the elusive end goal of figuring it all out. Mercury governs short trips while Jupiter is the jetsetting world traveler. Their happy angle could bring news from distant lands or a lucky opportunity to climb aboard a 747. This is a stellar transit for writers, mediamakers and entrepreneurs too. On Wednesday, the 26th, both planets will be at 11 degrees, so this is the strongest moment for harnessing this energy for writing a chapter of your memoirs, slipping off for a road trip, or diving into a think tank with other great minds.




Alas, all is not quiet on the astrological front. While Jupiter is playing nicely with Mercury, two other planets are giving him a run for his red-spotted money. A three-way tug of war (known to star-gazers as a T-square) is stirring up drama in the skies. Power-hungry, controlling Pluto in Capricorn is directly opposite “free-to-be-you-and-me” Jupiter in Cancer. Sandwiched right between them is volatile Uranus in Aries making this week a hot mess of personality clashes, existential crises, and internal battles. Finding the right cocktail of these energies is a struggle that will last until the end of April. It requires a careful blend and balance between career (Pluto in Capricorn), home and family life (Jupiter in Cancer), and the pursuit of personal passions (Uranus in Aries). For more on skillfully navigating the T-square (soon to be a Grand Cardinal Cross when Mars in Libra enters the equation, see our blog:

The week comes to a dramatic finish with Sunday’s new moon in Aries. As the first sign of the zodiac, this new moon is all about fresh starts and hot-off-the-press debuts. Seeds you plant under this lunar light get an extra shot of cosmic Miracle-Gro poured on them. The harvest date falls on October 8—the date of the Aries full moon, which happens to be a powerful lunar eclipse. But plant those seeds wisely and tend to them well. This new moon falls at the same degree of Uranus in Aries and gets tangled up in the T-square too. As Aries rules individuality, focus on personal passions and don’t let worries about what the neighbors will think cause you to censor yourself! Techie, community-spirited Uranus could bring some interesting allies for such missions, however. You could meet them online or in real time, so even though you may be doing something wholly original, you don’t have to do it all by yourself.

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