Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 2nd thru 8th, 2015

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Freebirds of a feather flock together! This week, indie-spirited Uranus in Aries is the star of the skies, making a cosmic connection to two potent planets. The first direct hit is on Tuesday, March 3. That day, Uranus will form a flowing trine (easy 60 degree angle) to philosophical Jupiter in Leo — a rare event that will take place again on June 22, then not again until 2019. With both planets in fire signs, we’re sure to feel the sparks of creativity and change flying around. Rules were definitely made to be broken with this pair in cahoots. Oh, and you say you want a revolution? Well, how about the one that already started? With Jupiter retrograde since this past December 8 (and until April 8), we could pick up the reins on a world-changing cause that started bubbling at the end of 2014 when protests broke out around the globe. Fortunately, with Jupiter and Uranus in a harmonious alignment these efforts are likely to be more peaceful and productive.


Uranus’ naughty antics snare romantic Venus on Wednesday the 4th when the two meet up at the same degree of fiery Aries. This annual event might be fun for the unattached and permabachelors, but it can wreak a little havoc on the “old marrieds” of the world. Then again, stagnation never does anyone any favors. Relationships that have fallen into a “lather, rinse, repeat” rut might just need the jarring wakeup call that a Venus-Uranus collision can bring. Should the attached find their gazes a-wandering this week, that’s not the cue to follow suit with a tempestuous affair — nor to drown in a cesspool of guilt for desiring someone besides the co-owner of your wedding ring set. Attraction is a sign that you are still alive — hello! Instead of sabotaging an existing relationship to pursue the Uranian bad boy or girl, how about awakening your own inner badass? Feeling sexy and desirable (read: enjoying life force energy) can make you feel a whole lot hotter when you fall into the familiar embrace. And maybe it’s time to shake up your relationship with some new adventures. Single ladies and gents have free rein to experiment and explore people who fall WAY outside your usual type. This could get interesting.


And should you need to repent for your early week “sins,” Thursday’s full moon in virtuous Virgo swoops in for the save. Straighten up and fly right? Well, at least a bit more on course. This full moon sounds the call for savvier systems and healthier routines. Where COULD you make life more clean and green? Earthy Virgo loves love all things eco-chic and efficient. Given its auspicious trine to transformational Pluto, we might unleash some extreme makeover magic on the messiest parts of our lives. Small upgrades can spur huge developments within two weeks of the full moon. Devote the weekend to spring cleaning — and spring training too. The Swiffer and the spin studio await!

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