Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 30th thru April 5th, 2015

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It don’t mean a thing if it ain’t got that zing! This Monday, March 30 communication planet Mercury moves into agile Aries until April 14. Clever banter, inspired bursts of brilliance, shameless come-ons—yep, our exchanges will be charged with the Ram’s spirited dynamism. Friendships and flirtations can heat up quickly over the coming two weeks. But don’t send off for the matching heart-shaped lockets just yet. These flash fires may fizzle as fast as they sizzle! Enjoy the heat while it lasts. DO keep a capture tool close at hand. While this restless Mercury spell can make us a little too ADD to focus for long, the ideas we dream up now could be golden when our productivity kicks back in mid-month.

Go-getter Mars can help us focus, too. On Tuesday, the planet of drive heads into Taurus until May 11, bringing more grounded pragmatism to our efforts. Since February 19, Mars has been blazing a trail through Aries (like the current Mercury transit), which roused some truly radical notions. Now is the time to put those gems through a stern reality test. What will it honestly take to pull them off? Pop on the project manager’s fedora and crunch the numbers, map out the timelines, and get a clear sense of the required resources. Many will discover that their dreams are more doable than previously realized. Mars is a lusty soul and his tour through earthy, sensual Taurus could bring some memorable times between the high-thread-count sheets. Tap into every Eros-and-Aphrodite approved element—touch, taste, aroma, ambience—to seduce. And bring that spring awakening to the great outdoors! Nature provides the perfect backdrop for love, Mars in Taurus style. Rent that lavish room at a mountain lodge, read Rumi poems on a picnic blanket, or take an al fresco stroll and enjoy some tasteful PDA. Slow and steady wins the race with Mars in Taurus, so better to crib your cues from Lady Mary than, say, Katy Perry.
Where is the love? Saturday’s skies will be lit up by a brilliant lunar (full moon) eclipse in harmonious, romantic Libra. In the aftermath of March’s intense and aggressive starmap, this supercharged download of Libran energy couldn’t come at a better time. Yet the eclipse is locked into a T-square—a three-way tug of war—with controlling, erotic Pluto in Capricorn and revolutionary, incendiary Uranus in Aries. With all three heavenly bodies in staunch cardinal signs, power struggles may erupt before we sign any peace treaties. Or, this eclipse could finally illuminate the importance of negotiating, compromising and stretching to find a win-win. Eclipses can usher in sudden developments, speed up manifestation, or reveal those shadowy areas of life where we have been loath to look. Secret crushes could be revealed (unceremoniously, even) under this eclipse. If you’re outed, just own it since there’s nowhere to hide when an eclipse comes to town. You never know: The object of your affections may be flattered, and maybe a whole lot more. Relationships that have reached a turning point could swing to either the makeup or breakup realm quickly after Saturday. Libra governs the law and this eclipse could bring some long-awaited justice. Finding a fair and happy medium will require everyone to stretch (Uranus) and make some sort of sacrifice (Pluto). The rebuilding process could take months one the initial decision is finalized. Should this eclipse shake up life as you know it, consider that the change was a long-time coming. Don’t forget: Rebuilding can be a healing can energizing and soul-awakening process too.

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