Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 30th thru April 6th, 2014

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Early this week, the radiant Sun and wild card Uranus blend their forthright, expressive, rebellious energies when they meet at the same degree of Aries. Burn the rulebook (or tuck it in a drawer until the weekend). Wandering off the beaten path will be rewarded under this cosmic coupling. While some of us may opt for shock value, we’re better off avoiding the whole “rebel without a cause” schtick. The benevolent Sun and humanitarian, team-spirited Uranus can be used in a more productive way. For example we might use our quirky originality to raise awareness for a charity or create a fun event the whole community can enjoy. Block party, anyone?




Midweek, however, the Aries Sun will lock horns with two potent planets—showboating Jupiter and power hungry Pluto. This will cause some ripples of drama and tension, forcing us to stay on our toes. On Wednesday, the Sun forms a tense square (90 degree angle) with boundless Jupiter. Neither heavenly body is a fan of limits, but their clash could bring repercussions to those who put the cart before the horse. Expansion can be destructive if we develop too fast, without respecting existing structures and traditions. Rein in that pioneering spirit a bit to make sure that anything built is done with consciousness and integrity.

Secretive, strategic Pluto locks horns with the Sun on Thursday bringing some serious power struggles to the world stage. People’s quests for dominance could get downright ugly as the workweek draws to a close. Don’t take anything at face value, especially not when it comes to business dealings. Run the background checks and be on the lookout for slick sales pitches that are literally too good to be true.

On Saturday, it’s time to let love rule once again. Romantic Venus brings a spring-fevered surge our way when she decamps to Pisces until May 2. This four-week phase helps us surrender to the power of amour, dropping our guards and opening our hearts. Pisces rules fantasy and illusion, however, so it may be difficult to distinguish a spring fling from the real thing. Nevertheless, some magic moments are on tap when dreamy, poetic Pisces is connecting with ardent Venus. Let go and enjoy!

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