Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for March 3rd thru 9th, 2014

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How about a little levity for your love life? This Wednesday, March 5, amorous Venus heads into quirky, mischievous Aquarius until April 5, bringing some fun and games back into this romance business. For the past four months, Venus has been hunkered down in goal-oriented Capricorn sounding the call for serious relationships.  And while this has certainly brought a strengthening influence to the built-to-last twosomes out there, matters of the heart may be feeling a bit heavy too. Venus in Capricorn loves a power couple but some of us may have grown overly fixated on appearances, worrying more about keeping up with the Joneses and less about pleasing each other behind closed doors. With Venus in Aquarius, the pleasure principle is restored and might even find us making out like rebellious teenagers on the city streets. Can we just say it once? Get a room, people! Or…don’t. A little shock value is a turn-on with the Water Bearer running the show. Aquarius is the sign that rules technology and Venus’ four-week stay in this sign bodes well for Internet dating. The “clickthrough rate” is increased for us all, so log in and pick your poison, kids.



On Friday, March 7, jetsetting Jupiter rouses from a four-month retrograde in Cancer, which began last November 7. Jupiter is “exalted” in Cancer—allegedly its most potent position of all twelve zodiac signs. Yet this cosmic cycle, which lasts from June 25, 2013 until July 16, 2014 has been a strange brew. Jupiter is the traveler and risk taker of the heavens; Cancer is the play-it-safe homebody. As a result, many of us feel unnaturally stretched out of our comfort zones, dropped in a strange new world without a proper GPS. Jupiter’s backspin brought a little respite to this, allowing us to pause from the rapid changes and adjust to our growing pains. But as the daring planet powers forward through Cancer from Friday until July 16, we’re asked to take more risks, especially in the emotional realm, the Crab’s wheelhouse.

Saturday’s quarter moon in Gemini reminds us to walk our talk. Have we made promises we simply can’t keep? Rather than dropping the ball or bailing in the last minute, renegotiate. Gemini is the communication sign so we can use our gifts of gab to create new compromises now. Where we are struggling, Gemini the twin reminds us of the power of partnership. Bringing in a second-in-command or even a temporary assistant can do wonders to get us back on track.

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