Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 11th thru 17th, 2015

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Make it a double! This Monday, May 11 passionate Mars zips into Gemini for six weeks, setting the stage for prosperous partnerships. Gemini is the sign of the twins after all. The search for our kindred spirits could be an exhilarating one between now and June 24. But what looks like The One, walks like The One and even talks the talk of The One may not actually live up to its promise. Mars can make us quite impatient. When the urge to merge strikes, test the waters with a short-term collab first to see where the rubber meets the road. Variety is the spice of life when Mars is in Gemini, so there’s actually no rush to commit at all. Why not taste the sampler platter before deciding on a favorite dish? Gemini is the communication sign and debates could be quite lively now. We’ll have to be careful not to make any promises that we can’t keep though—even if it IS Mars in Gemini’s right to change his mind. Like, hourly!


On Friday, cautious, conservative Saturn will sit directly opposite Mars, bringing some checks and balances. As much as we’re all enjoying the moment, if we’re wasting resources or burning bridges, there could be trouble in paradise. Saturn is in high-vibing Sagittarius, the sign of truth. What sparkled like a diamond earlier in the week might just be genuine cubic zirconium after all. Call forth your inner Jacob The Jeweler and put new ideas through a genuine appraisal process.

The weekend starts off on a dreamy note as romantic Venus writes a Cinderella story with fantasy-fueled Neptune. Our hearts will be open, our compassion strong. But will it really be a happily-ever-after? Both of these planets love to wear the rose-colored lunettes, so the verdict will probably be out until next week (or longer).  It’s easy to absorb other people’s emotions when Venus and Neptune are trined: Shield your field…or plan to douse yourself in sage smoke and a sea salt soak if you get tangled up in other people’s cords. On Sunday, the new moon in Taurus helps us get our feet back on solid ground. Deal with the everyday details of life: budgeting, cleaning up your space, getting your schedule in order. Taurus rules our financial foundations and new moons open up a six-month cycle of manifestation. Map out some cash-positive goals that you’d like to pursue before 2015 is through. Then, get into action!

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