Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 12th thru 18th, 2014

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Passion! Intrigue! Intensity! With a full moon Scorpio this Wednesday, May 14, the air will be charged with seductive vibes. Zhush the Red Room; summon your inner Anastasia Steele or Christian Grey. A spring fever outbreak could become practically pandemic as unspoken attractions explode into bodice-ripping delights. But there are no fifty shades of grey when Scorpio’s in the house. This sign is black and white. You either love them or you love them not; you’re just that into it, or you’re not. Choose. Or lose. While some of us will cede control, others will gain it by any means necessary. Scorpio loves to wield power and this full moon could find us leaping up the ladder. (Think of Scorpio success stories Hillary Clinton, P-Diddy and Bill Gates, if you need an image.) Since this full moon arrives at a close degree to heavy-hitter Saturn, there’s a desire to make a strong impact in all that we do. Scorpio is also the sign that governs transformation. Ready for an extreme makeover? You can do it, but bring in stable Saturn’s energy and create a strong support system and a solid plan for your make-better mission.

 The full moon will also form a gracious trine (harmonious, 60 degree angle) to lucky Jupiter in Cancer. While Saturn brings the muscle, Jupiter brings the heart and the drive. Whatever we put our energy into, it’s important that we feel passionate about it. Otherwise, we could get stuck in a situation that later on feels like a trap. Bear in mind that the two weeks following a full moon are the harvest period. This is the time leading up to the next new moon, in this case, the new moon in Gemini on May 28. Go big or go home!

Later in the week, charming, romantic Venus gets into hot water with two potent planets: Uranus and Jupiter. It starts on Thursday when la love goddess has her annual playdate with radical, revolutionary Uranus. This year, the two will hold court in fiery, impulsive Aries. Flashback to the late 1960s…or maybe a Viking orgy. The vibe is “free love” on Thursday (quite the contrary to the full moon), but we could also get a little too ”live for the moment” for our own sanity. For those of us who need a kickstart in the game of love, this cosmic coupling certainly brings it. But having a sense of limits and boundaries? Not so easy. Your sensual revolution should NOT be televised, nor Instagrammed, Vined or Snapchatted. The same holds true on Sunday when Venus forms a stressful square to hedonistic Jupiter. More, more, more—yeah, that’s how we’ll like it this weekend. But it is indeed possible to have too much of a good thing. Indulge responsibly, rebel just a little, and this Venus circuit will be memorable, not regrettable.



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