Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 18th thru 24th, 2015

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Say what? This Monday, May 18 messenger Mercury turns retrograde for the second time in 2015. This one could be a double whammy as it takes place in expressive Gemini—the sign it actually rules. Watch those words! The scrambled signals, crossed wires and general chaos that come with Mercury retrograde territory could be stronger than ever between now and June 11. Gemini governs our peer groups: friends, siblings, colleagues and neighbors. Be extra mindful with these peeps in particular. A comfortable as we may feel blurting out unfiltered thoughts around them, being too laid back may lead to insensitivity and barely forgivable gaffes. But familiarity doesn’t have to breed contempt. Over the next three weeks, our closest relationships can actually improve when we approach them with what the Buddhists refer to as beginner’s mind. Treat the people you know best as if you’re meeting for the first time. Engage with curiosity and drop all assumptions. You’ll be amazed by what you discover.

Mercury retrogrades have a funny way of bringing back people from the past. Get the gang—or the band—back together for a reunion tour. And protect those digital devices! Technical snafus tend to happen during the messenger planet’s backspin, like water spilling onto a laptop or a mobile phone dropping on the sidewalk and cracking. Keep the cap on your kombucha while computing and get a bumper style case. Back up and password protect sensitive data, too. With Mercury retrograde in gossip-loving Gemini, be extra careful about what you put in writing. A snarky text or email could go right to the recipient of the barb or (glug) the entire office if you aren’t careful. Yikes! (Read all about Mercury retrograde here:

On Thursday, May 21 the Sun blazes into Gemini until June 21, occupying a place alongside both Mercury AND red-hot Mars, which has been in the sign of the twins since May 11. Hello, spring fever! With the Sun and passionate Mars synced up in flirty Gemini, we’ll all be feeling naughty and playful. Mercury retrograde could rouse memories of an old flame, but this might just mean inviting trouble back into our lives. Resist the urge to text that sexy-but-toxic ex! Platonic partnerships get a lively boost from the Sun’s Tour d’Gemini making this a fabulous time to network with new people and explore synergies. Stick to short-term alliances to test the waters. Variety is the spice of life during Gemini season.

While we’ll all be feeling “in the moment” (or a little stuck in the past), Friday’s stars turn our attention to the future. That day, the Gemini Sun opposes structured Saturn in Sagittarius, the sign of optimism and long-range dreams. Pause to do some planning: Are expended efforts truly taking us in the right direction? We might experience a few slowdowns and ego checks near the weekend. Fortunately, the Sun-Saturn opposition gives us a chance to recalibrate and get back on a productive path. This could involve travel or education. Sign up for those global conferences or spend the weekend plowing through a tutorial to bring skills up to snuff. Stern Saturn wants us to follow protocol, too. At the very least, master the rules before breaking them!

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