Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 19th thru 25th, 2014

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Buckle into those gladiator sandals (oh how that trend just won’t quit). On Monday, May 19, cosmic warrior planet Mars wakes up from a retrograde that began on March 1. Translation: we’ve got our “fight” back, whether we’re defending our honor, staking our claim, or pushing ahead on a project we’re passionate about.

Mars generally spends 6-8 weeks in a sign, but every two years, it goes retrograde (backwards, from our vantage point on Earth) and lounges in a single zodiac sign for up to eight months! That’s been the case in 2014. Mars has actually been chilling in Libra since December 7, 2013 and lingers there until July 25. It’s an awkward fit: Mars is the combat planet, Libra is the heavenly harmonizer. But their combined forces call us all to be “peaceful warriors.” We can still kick ass while bringing the love. Who says competition has to divide?


When Mars turned retrograde at 27 degrees Libra on March 1, momentum died down around plans we started last December. Or, we have leapt ahead in haste (impatient Mars waits for no one), without having a solid foundation in place. In-fighting cropped up and even divided teams, or maybe we unwittingly surrendered to a dominating person.

Procrastinate no more! And forget about bowing to anyone else. With Mars speeding ahead in Libra from this Monday until July 25, it’s time to own our power and pick up the reins on those sidelined ambitions. Lusty Mars energizes us, restoring our mojo and getting us back into fighting shape (hello fitness regime). Bring on the peaceful, passionate progress. One caveat: Mars won’t return to 27 degrees Libra again until July 22, so we will feel the “shadow” of the retrograde until then. The last three days of Mars in Libra—July 22-25—may be when all our hard work pays off. Victory!


Since Mars is in Libra, the partnership sign, pairing up with others for joint ventures could give us all the leading edge. And with the Sun heading into Gemini from Tuesday, May 20 until June 21, we’ll be eager to network and find our collaborators. With the zodiac’s Twins ruling the skies, it’s time to seek kindred spirits, people who think, act, and work like we do. Gemini governs the local scene too, so we won’t have to travel far to find what we need. (Oh, hello, awesome neighbor.) The only hitch is that we’ll have to be a bit more careful not to stomp on each other’s turf. Gemini is the cosmic communicator, making the coming four weeks ripe for any writing, blogging, or social media endeavors. Rock the Twittersphere or get to work on those memoirs. The power of the pen (and the keyboard) is with us all.

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