Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 26th thru June 1st 2014

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Spring fever spells earthy sensuality as romantic Venus moves into verdant Taurus from this Wednesday, May 29 until June 23. This fresh crop of desire blooms from a subtler place than Venus’ recent spell in bodice-ripping Aries. Now, modesty and restraint are what makes everything that much hotter. Keep your clothes buttoned up a little longer, but not your feelings. In fact, you might just “say it with flowers,” a mixtape, or a luxe gift—all things sumptuous Taurus approves of.  Since Venus is the planet of beauty, her tour of Taurus encourages more natural, paraben-free, and fresh-outta-Gaia’s-bounty options for our daily rituals. (Think: farm-to-vanity.) It’s finally time to try that bee-farm honey and avocado face mask or tp make your own scrub from dried lavender and Himalayan sea salt. You’ll be softer to the touch when your date finally decides to hold your hand.


Wednesday also features a new moon in Gemini—the zodiac’s twin flame. The search for our kindred spirits is on! Let the networking begin, both online and in real time. There’s no need to slap the BFF label on anyone in haste though. This is a new moon, so think of it as a social starting block. The corresponding full moon is December 6, a time when the people we meet this week will find their rightful place in our “org charts.” Gemini is the zodiac’s communicator too making this a stellar week to give birth to a writing project, launch a blog or shop around a screenplay. Start now, because Mercury will be retrograde from June 7-July 1, never the best time to initiate projects like these.


Speaking of Mercury, on Thursday, May 29, the messenger planet switches signs, flowing into cozy, private Cancer until June 17. Draw a tighter radius around that inner circle. When it comes to really baring our souls, it’s trusted confidantes only! Old friends and family could become more actively engaged in our lives. Since Cancer is the zodiac’s homemaker, we’ll all turn into domestic doyennes now. Start those recipe and décor boards on Pinterest. Put a leaf in the table and find that sangria recipe. Social Mercury is bound to bring some legendary dinner party action while touring the Crab’s domain.

 PS: Mercury’s current tour of Cancer will be part one of a two-act show. Thanks to the retrograde starting June 7, Mercury will scoot back into Gemini from June 17 until July 13. Then, it returns to Cancer for a second showing until July 30.  Close relationships and home renovations might hit a speedbump or go on hiatus for a little while next month, but take heart. Mercury in Cancer: The Sequel will restart those engines.

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