Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 4th thru 10th, 2015

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Too much, too soon? Overconfidence reigns near Monday, May 4 as the Taurus Sun gets in a tangled angle (a 90-degree “square”) with risk-taking Jupiter in Leo. While this astrological aspect can make us feverish with excitement and rarin’ to go, it’s easy to overshoot the mark. As the saying goes, “fools rush in.” Don’t rely on desire and instinct alone. Find the facts, ask the tough questions, do a thorough inspection. Get real about your own limitations, too. This is not the week to fake it ‘til you make it. Beyond the personal stress caused by getting in over our heads, this could cause major breakdowns that affect an entire team. Play it safe this week—and don’t fall prey to flattery or the pressure to advance at a supersonic pace.


Fortunately, Wednesday arrives with a grounding earth trine. The Taurus Sun will form a harmonious (120-degree) angle to soulful, transformational Pluto helping us tune in to our higher truths. Pluto is in Capricorn—the sign of wisdom, long-term planning and success that’s earned with time and merit. What’s standing between our dreams and ourselves? The practical steps could unfold like instructions on a GPS midweek. We’ll also have the patience to create a solid foundation before raising the roof with any over-the-top schemes. Not sure what’s next? Be an observer. Watch the people whom you admire in action. While you may have a different skill set, what qualities do they possess that you’d like to have more of yourself: charisma, serenity, playfulness? Take note, because no matter what you’re doing, the way you move through each activity is really what matters when it comes to feeling fulfilled.


On Thursday, love planet Venus switches signs, moving from cheeky, unpredictable Gemini to cozy, family-oriented Cancer until June 5. We’ve had a month of hardcore flirting, Tinder swiping and affections that ran from hot to cold on the hour. Now, our traditional sides take the helm—and with Venus in sentimental Cancer we’ll crave heart-centered connections that bring a sense of comfort and familiarity. Let your mom play matchmaker or find someone whose family history is similar to your own. Who says nice guys have to finish last? The boy—or girl—next-door types will be in-demand for the coming four weeks. We might just reconnect to our childhood sweethearts or seek someone who shares those dreamy traits. Since Cancer rules the domestic realm, this is an ideal time for nesting. Get the cohabitation station feathered to cuddle-worthy code. Spending time at home is sexy: whether lounging, gardening, slow-cooking gourmet meals, or getting creative on a shared reno project. Whether single or spoken for, the interior bug will bite. If you’re looking to attract love into your life, try a little feng shui. Locate your love corner with a bagua map and fill it with romantic symbols. Make sure your bed is accessible from both sides and place pairs of objects around your home as a symbol of partnership.

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