Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for May 5th thru 11th, 2014

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Let the block parties begin! From Wednesday May 7 until the 29th, social Mercury buzzes into Gemini, the most garrulous sign in the zodiac. The birds and bees won’t be the only ones hopping from flower to flower. This quicksilver Mercury phase makes us all a lot more flirty, curious and craving of variety. So…who are the people in your neighborhood? Get out mingle, bring over a pitcher of sun tea to the intriguing people across the street, organize a building-wide event. Or, maybe just take off your oversized sunglasses and say hello to people when you’re grabbing your mail or walking to the corner store. Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and their combined powers give us all the gift of gab. The universal din gets a lot louder now, the Twittersphere far more active. And while it seems everyone has something to say, uhhh, who is going to listen? We’ll have to work harder at remembering to pause, breathe and become interested in what others have to say. Since Gemini is the sign of the twins, this Mercury spell also galvanizes partnerships. Best practice with new prospects? Start off on a short-term basis, like a single project, before merging into a portmanteau.

On Saturday, the 10th, swagger meets structure and the worlds collide. That’s because the bright and bawdy Sun in Taurus will directly oppose conservative Saturn in Scorpio. The Sun and Saturn only oppose each other for a single day each year, making this a noteworthy event. No cutting corners allowed this weekend! Figuring out how to balance our enthusiasm with a healthy dose of realism is the magic equation. And while it might feel like the cosmos are dumping a huge bucket of water on our dreams, that’s not the case. Saturn demands integrity, which helps us create products and relationships that are built to last. Don’t be fooled by the sparkle and sizzle. Pop open the hood and make sure the machinery is well-engineered. But heed the Sun’s lessons too. Flattery might not get you everywhere, but modesty won’t either. If you’re waiting to be discovered, pump up the PR campaign and get the buzz going yourself.  Dress to stand out in the crowd and draw attention your way. As long as you know you can walk your talk, you can even brag a little.

Sunday is Mother’s Day and we’re hoping you’ve already cracked open your copy of our new book Momstrology to learn the best cosmic practices for celebrating your maternal figure or giving her the 101 on what you really need as her kid: This day will be an energetic one, and maybe a little stressful, thanks to a meetup of the sentimental moon and restless Mars. The good news is, both Mars and the moon are in Libra, which is the sign of beauty, love and harmony. While indulging in a decadent meal is totally in Libra’s wheelhouse, don’t spend the whole day gathered around the brunch table. Sitting still for too long could cause Mars’ provocative temper to stir. You might move that celebration to a picnic blanket in the park and get everyone involved in a family softball game or silly sack races. Don’t feel like dirtying up your springtime whites? Wander through a gallery or antique district, or take your mom to a concert for some intergenerational rocking out.

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