Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 10th thru 16th, 2014

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This week, two pairs of planets host rare meetups. As such, they’ll combine their strengths, but also double their challenges. The first connection takes place on Monday, November 10. Energetic Mars and potent Pluto conjoin at the same degree of Capricorn, the sign that rules big business, government, and the economy. On a positive note, this could bring major momentum for our professional ventures. We’ll have the courage to cold call those dream clients and barrel fearlessly towards our goals. But there could also be some major power-tripping going down in our personal lives AND on the world stage. Secret agendas may be exposed with Pluto here, while the quest for domination could intensify under Mars’ influence. Politics may be murky and messy early this week. On the romantic front, the Mars-Pluto meetup fuels some serious passion. Mars is lusty while Pluto governs our erotic urges: here’s to making bodice-ripping love, not war. Jealousy, possessiveness and lovers’ quarrels CAN reach a fever pitch early in the week. A word to the wise: get the facts BEFORE you react to avoid burning bridges by flinging unproven accusations in the heat of the moment.



Fortunately, Wednesday’s skies promote a more sane and peaceful outlook. On that day, diplomatic Venus makes her annual connection to sound, stable Saturn. Levelheadedness will replace Monday’s hotheadedness. We’ll use our hearts without being clouded by emotion. Relationships could gain some much-needed structure and boundaries, helping us relax as we determine their true status and potential. On the downside, the stuffy Saturn can dump cold water on Venus’ joie de vivre. Saturn is the society lady, dressed in a proper navy suit and a simple strand of pearls. Venus is the glamorous party girl dancing on the bar in a metallic sheath, Louboutins in hand. Cutting loose could bring regret near Wednesday, but keeping too stiff of an upper lip could cost us the kiss that fairy-tales are made of. Seek that middle ground.




Venus changes signs on Sunday, decamping to international Sagittarius until December 10. This brings more harmony to global and cross-cultural relationships: something we’ll all need by the time weekend rolls around.  With Venus in Sagittarius, we’ll all be feeling spicier and more passionate in love. Cupid’s shooting some arrows of truth now too. This fearless cosmic phase helps us address the “unmentionables” in our relationships and deal with reality, with a dose of good humor and wisdom in tow. Couples’ workshop, anyone?

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