Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for November 24h thru 30th, 2014

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The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and this week, it’s time to get a move on. On Tuesday, November 25, cautious, conservative Saturn meets up with curious Mercury in Scorpio accelerating our slower moving ambitions. Saturn loves to plan for the long-term while Mercury prefers to seize the moment. This week’s formula for success looks like this: Step 1, clarify direction; Step 2, take a small action to get the mission in motion. But don’t gun the gas pedal, please. We said a single step, not an Autobahn speedway race to the finish line. There’s no denying that Mercury and Saturn together make for an awkward cosmic merger. It’s a bit like watching the newly single (Scorpio) Kris Kardashian-slash-Jenner in action: one minute she’s ruling her empire of strategically placed scions, the next she’s feting her 59th birthday in Vegas with a boyfriend half her age. No judgments from us on her choices! But that’s the kind of duality this Saturn-Mercury union can bring: A work hard, play hard paradox that wants us to adhere to tradition one minute but make our own rules the next. With both planets in sultry, playing-for-keeps Scorpio, our words will carry weight. We should be careful what you wish for, promise or sign our names on. Once the ink is dry (or the scantily clad selfie sent) turning back ain’t gonna be easy.
Thursday is Thanksgiving and the cosmic forecast is far lighter than the lead-weight gravitas of the early part of the week. The moon will be in quirky, idealistic Aquarius — an energy that always makes group gatherings fun. These moonbeams can tamp down any brewing family feuds helping us adopt an attitude of “live and let live” as we, say, gather around the table with relatives of wide ranging worldviews. And if conversation DOES turn to those taboo subjects of religion, politics, or sex, the Aquarius moon can help us approach with humor. There’s a darn good chance our discussions WILL go there as we’re forking down the turkey and pumpkin pie. On Thursday, expressive Mercury joins the outspoken Sun in candid, no-holds-barred Sagittarius until December 16. Fortunately, diplomatic Venus is also in Sagittarius this week, helping to ensure that a disagreement over domestic policy issues doesn’t turn into a table-flipping nightmare. Mercury is Sagittarius is a great time for developing media projects and entrepreneurial ventures. Travel of any kind is favored too — and with Venus in the frame, these journeys could include a romantic component over the coming few weeks.
On Saturday, a quarter moon in heart-centered Pisces helps us find the balance between compassionate and codependent. While our love may know no boundaries, bottomless refills of generosity should be taken off the menu. When we “give until it hurts, “ we wind up enabling people to stay stuck or even take advantage of our kindness.  And when we are drained, depleted and exhausted, we can’t truly be helpful.  This quarter moon helps us find better limits. When we want to make a difference, we can empower people by connecting them to resources and encouraging them to do for themselves. This old chestnut couldn’t be more propos for a Pisces quarter moon: Give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

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