Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 12th thru 18th , 2015

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So you think you’re better off alone? Guess again. There’s a new moon on Monday (cue the retro Duran Duran! and this one’s in partnership-oriented Libra. The urge to merge will be strong this week, for business, creative coupling and romance. Let the negotiations begin! With Mercury officially out of retrograde since the 9th, we are in the clear to discuss deal points, draft contracts, or put a ring on it. Remember that new moons are starting blocks so there’s no need to rush to the signing table or the altar. In fact, there’s a warning label here: Choose your “other half” wisely! The seeds that get planted this week will be harvested under a lunar eclipse that takes place with the FULL moon in Libra on March 23, 2016. Eclipses can truly magnify the impact of events or bring sudden developments and changes our way. Come March, having a steady person by our side will be a blessing—but unstable relationships could really combust in painful ways.

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Feeling gun shy about getting involved? Being part of a twosome doesn’t mean sacrificing individuality or all autonomy. This new moon sits directly across the zodiac wheel from free-spirited Uranus in Aries helping us balance the “me” with the “we.” Cutting-edge Uranus can even open our minds to unconventional arrangements like long-distance relationships, separate rooms, heck, even “throupling.” The cooperative energy of the Libra new moon definitely makes it easier to navigate unusual circumstances, as long as we’re not compromising our own bottom lines. Break out of the rut. A little shock value goes a long way to keep relationships fresh this week. A change of heart is also possible, especially for mismatched couples who have been forcing themselves to “make it work” against Cupid’s will.


The second half of the week is outright alchemical. Thursday’s rare earth trine between Mars and Jupiter—both in Virgo—and Pluto in Capricorn brings penetrating insights, extreme willpower and the energy to act upon our deepest convictions. Pop on the project manager’s chapeau! The Mars-Jupiter meetup in Virgo is enough to speed us into an Olympian planning session. Big ideas spring to life and we’ll have no trouble giving them our all. Our wholehearted devotion can help us move mountains in a remarkably short period of time. The pitfall would be in playing too small or underselling ourselves now. This is not the time for modesty or extreme caution. Jupiter the gambler and Mars the warrior want us to take a big leap. With supernatural Pluto sweetly angled to both Jupiter and Mars, we’ve got a better-than-average chance at landing on our feet, provided we move with courage. The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated here. No, that doesn’t mean going into denial about the risks we are taking. But this is no time to let fear stop us from doing what we KNOW (deep down) is the best move. With mystical Pluto in the equation, we might have to meditate or make a vision board to access our subconscious realm.

Relationships get an electric surge from this sultry celestial trio. Jupiter brings the mind, Mars brings the body and Pluto brings the soul. Hello, tantalizing trifecta of energies! Take a sip from the cosmic cauldron and enjoy. Couples can easily work out issues in private this week. But spicy pillow talk—not an intense and heavy conversation—will be the secret sauce for successful regeneration.

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