Astrotwins Weekly Horoscopes for October 13th thru 19th, 2014

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Bless your nest. This Wednesday, October 15, a quarter moon in cozy, domestic Cancer shines its balancing beams on the world. Get on the friends and family plan as it’s time to give our nearest and dearest top priority. But that doesn’t mean we should let them overtake our entire schedules. For anyone who’s been caught in the martyr, fixer, or overgiver role, this quarter moon pulls for the opposite extreme. Set clear limits — and speak them aloud — so your inner circle knows not to push you past them. For those who struggle to receive, this quarter moon throws down the gauntlet. We all get by with a little help from our friends so stop worrying about being a burden and reach out for help.


Later in the week, Mercury retrograde makes direct contact with two heavenly bodies: the confidence-boosting Sun on Thursday and romantic Venus on Friday. The messenger planet is backstroking through Libra’s waters from October 10 until the 25th putting partnerships to the test. When the Sun aligns at the same degree on Thursday, brewing conflicts could combust. The Sun gives us all swagger, and the ability to stick up for ourselves. Great — except when everyone wants to be right, there’s no end to the argument in sight. We could get locked in a battle of wills this week or be SO assertive that we wind up burning bridges.


Fortunately, diplomatic Venus swoops in one day later, helping with damage control. This is a far better day for dialogues about tense and tricky topics. Mercury retrograde is known for bringing back people from the past. With its journey through love-obsessed Libra, exes and old flames have been cropping up like mad — and all the more so once Venus enters the frame on Friday. Waiting for the right time to reach out to “the one that got away?” Friday’s stars could provide rich background for a reunion — or a resolution to an ongoing lover’s quarrel.

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